“RUN AS ONE”- Meaningful message of Saigon Newport First Running Tournament


“RUN AS ONE”- Meaningful message of Saigon Newport First Running Tournament

Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP) organizes the SNP Running Tournament 2023 – “Run As One”, a sporting event carrying the meaningful message: "Running steps towards the same direction, moving forward with the pioneering spirit, together connecting the community, we will together create a harmonious world in diversity and sustainable development.

The primary goal of this tournament is to strengthen connections and foster closer relationships with our valued customers and partners, while also promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as improving life quality. The professionally organized running tournament has attracted over 1,000 athletes from shipping lines, import-export companies, logistics enterprises, relevant agencies, partners, and SNP's own dedicated team.

RUN AS ONE - The 2023 SNP Run conveys our mission of unifying the community of customers, partners, and friends of SNP without boundaries, distinctions, or divisions. Together, we strive to leave no one behind, running side by side as a unified force. Running together, we are one! And in our collective endeavor, we aim to overcome challenges, pursue ambitious goals, and embody the values of a positive, healthy, persistent, and disciplined lifestyle, paving the way for a brighter future. Running together, we carry our unyielding faith, taking bolder steps, displaying unwavering determination, and fostering stronger physical resilience. We come together to strengthen the bonds of community solidarity. United and joined hands, our collective efforts are dedicated to fostering a world of peace, stability, and cooperative development - a world that remains forever akin to a serene blue planet.

This event holds special significance, as every step taken by our athletes contributes to a sense of responsibility for community and social welfare. By participating in the "Gratitude& Repayment Fund" of Thu Duc City, they actively contribute to spreading compassion and care for those in need together with SNP. We are honored to have the support and collaboration of esteemed partners, including Agribank, Vinamilk, Ecotruck, Asia Coconut (ACP), Revolution Brewing, Truth Beer, and other member units of SNP.
Tournament information
  • Date: Sunday, 30/07/2023
  • Location: Sala Park Urban Area, Mai Chi Tho, Thu Thiem New Urban Area, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Official site: www.snpconnect.vn
Join us in waiting for the largest running tournament of the port and logistics industry community "SNP 2023 - Run As One"!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins from a single step.”
From a rudimentary harbor, the journey of Tan Cang SAI GON CORPORATION started with the first shipments, bringing with it faith, aspiration, will, dedication and service, towards the mission of connecting and circulating goods, developing the marine economy, and contributing to the nation's construction and defense.  Saigon Newport is firmly positioning the brand on the journey of connecting with customers as a symbol of trust, a convergence of prestige and dedication.

"Together, we are the ocean." On our journey of steady development, our happiness is the unanimity of each member of the Saigon Newport Family, the trust and companionship of the community of customers, partners, friends both domestically and internationally. With unwavering determination, we extend our reach into the ocean, elevating our aspirations and fortifying our will, the waves do not make us falter, difficulties only increase the wisdom and enthusiasm of the heroic army and the resilient team. We firmly believe that by sharing a common vision, embracing a pioneering spirit, and fostering unity within our community, we can collaboratively shape a world of harmony, diversity, and sustainable development. Together, we lay the groundwork for our prosperity, freedom, and the bright future that awaits our children and grandchildren.

Let's join Saigon Newport in harmony with "RUN AS ONE"! We look forward to seeing you at the 2023 SNP Running Tournament, where you'll conquer yourself, showcase your bravery, overcome challenges, and unite with your teammates. May you have a rewarding and successful experience!