Digital future and emission reduction for the Asia-Pacific seaport industry


Digital future and emission reduction for the Asia-Pacific seaport industry

According to the national strategic orientation of green growth, developing clean energy and reducing emissions is an inevitable trend. In particular, digital transformation is a trend that promotes greening and sustainable development not only in the logistics and shipping industry but also in the global economy

The annual series of events of the Asia-Pacific Port Services Network (APSN) in 2023 takes place in Bangkok, Thailand from October 24 to October 27 with an important highlight: marking a milestone. Celebrated its 15th anniversary with activities including the Port development forum towards digital future and emission reduction technology; Annual meeting of the 12th Advisory Council and the 15th Member Council of APEC Seaports. Participating in the event were delegates from Canada (as Chairman of the Council), China (as Secretary General of the Council), Vietnam (as Chairman of the Advisory Committee), and member countries in the APEC.

Delegates from member countries attend the annual series of events of the APEC Seaport Network in 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand.

As Chairman of the APEC Port Advisory Council, as well as Chairman of the Southeast Asia Seaport Association, the representative of Saigon Newport Corporation - Mr. Bui Van Quy attended and chaired the Annual Meeting of the Advisory Council, thereby contributing many opinions, as well as proposing practical solutions to strengthen cooperation with member ports in the APEC region.

According to the statistics on global CO2 emissions from international shipping, 10% of global emissions in 2022 will come from the shipping sector, and if not controlled, that percentage could rise to 17% by 2050. In light of that, APEC ports are facing a pressing challenge as they work to develop solutions to fulfill their commitment to achieving net zero emissions at COP26.
Sharing at the forum, member delegates emphasized the application of digital technology to build and develop smart ports, automation in port management and operations, warehouse operations, and smart equipment operation to increase port operation efficiency...Mr. Bui Van Quy, Deputy General Director of Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP), who represented Vietnam, underlined the significance of technology in the growth process of modern ports. He shared that "To move towards a digital future and green development, it is necessary to achieve short- and medium-term goals: encouraging stakeholders in the supply chain to participate in the digital ecosystem and use clean energy and renewable energy to move towards implementing "Maritime Single Window" according to the regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Green Maritime Corridor.

Mr. Bui Van Quy, Chairman of the APEC Port Advisory Council, and Chairman of the Southeast Asia Seaport Association attended the exchange session and proposed many practical contributions at the forum.

At the annual meeting, the Advisory Council discussed, agreed, and proposed development directions, as a premise for the APEC Seaport Council to focus on research efforts, including:

  • Recognizing "Green Maritime Corridor" and "Trade Facilitation and Maritime Single Window" as the Forum's primary themes for 2024
  • Strengthening ties and collaboration amongst bloc member ports; field visits and educational opportunities at contemporary, automated green ports; Working with research facilities, academies, and marine institutions in member economies to share knowledge and provide training.
  • Further awards are being considered to recognize smart ports, port operators, and logistics service providers who have positively impacted the community and society, in addition to the current green port award celebration.

After 15 years of fruitful formation and development, the APEC 2023 seaport event in Bangkok, Thailand, represents a significant advancement in the future direction of digital transformation and chain supply emission reduction in the area.