Annual health check-up packages - The gratitude to customers of Saigon Newport Corporation


Annual health check-up packages - The gratitude to customers of Saigon Newport Corporation

Since May 19, 2023, Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP) has officially launched a regular health check-up packages for shipping line customers. This activitiy expresses the SNP’s desire to take care, accompany physical health and mental health of partners and customers.

Saigon Newport Corporation accompanies customers' health.

Regular health checkups play an essential role in maintaining and improving health. It helps us not only to assess the current state of health also but adequately to detect potential health risk factors early like: heart attack, endocrine, metabolism, and oncological…. Regular health monitoring and screening will prevent risk factors in time, properly treat diseases and improve quality of life.


The customer appreciation activities of SNP, through the provision of health check-up packages, demonstrate the deep care and concern of SNP towards our valued customers. For SNP, each customer is like a companion, a family member who has been with us throughout our journey of over 34 years of formation and development.

Tan Cang Medical Center deploys different health checkup packages for customers. There are two groups of health checkup packages: Platinum and Gold. 
  • With the Platinum health checkup package, customers will undergo examinations at the Health Evaluation & Promotion Center Cho Ray Viet Nhat (HECI).
  • With the Gold health checkup package, customers will be examined at the Tan Cang Medical Center.
Both packages include comprehensive general health checkups, diagnostic imaging (X-rays, endoscopy, ultrasound), and biochemical and immunological tests. Notably, throughout the examination process, leading doctors and specialists in the field will provide consultations, monitoring, and treatment. Tan Cang Medical Center will send health records requiring special attention and specialized treatment for consultation and opinions from experienced doctors and experts at higher-level hospitals.

Satisfaction of customers with the experience of the Health Checkup Package at Tan Cang Medical Center and Affiliated facilities

As one of the first customers to experience the health checkup package, Ms. Phan Thi Thu Ha - General Director of RCL Vietnam Shipping Company, shared her satisfaction with the quality of service, the professionalism of the medical team, and the enthusiastic guidance provided by the doctors and medical staff throughout the health examination process. The consultation and advice from the doctors were sent directly to the customer's email after the examination and stored in the secure database of Tan Cang Medical Center for continuous monitoring and support in providing health advice and care for the company's staff in the future.

Tan Cang Medical Center - a healthcare facility under SNP - is dedicated to providing comprehensive and continuous initial healthcare services to the employees throughout the SNP system, as well as to the local community, with a focus on disease prevention. The center is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and staffed by dedicated and attentive professionals, supported by expert advice from leading specialists in affiliated hospitals. The nationwide network of healthcare facilities and partner hospitals connected with Tan Cang Medical Center ensures comprehensive and timely healthcare not only for SNP employees but also for the staff of shipping companies during their business trips or personal activities in Vietnam