On September 20, 2022, Tan Cang Gantry Joint Stock Company (TCGT) held a groundbreaking ceremony for the "Building a new RTG crane" project at An Ha Industrial Park, Binh Chanh District - Ho Chi Minh City. It was designed to successfully achieve the goal of producing Vietnam's first frame crane branded SNP.

The scene of the event

The predecessor of Tan Cang Gantry Joint Stock Company is Tan Cang - Mitsui Joint Stock Company (TCMS), established in March 2018. By December 2021, TCMS was restructured and renamed Tan Cang Gantry Joint Stock Company, with two principal shareholders: Tan Cang Technical Services Joint Stock Company (DVKT) and Tan Cang Offshore Services Joint Stock Company (TCO). These are two member units in the important service pillar and the Port and logistics ecosystem of Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP). TCGT's main business activities focus on supporting the port industry, including buying, selling, leasing, manufacturing equipment for the industry, and consulting solutions to install equipment to optimize port operations.
TC Gantry brand logo
Despite COVID-19 heavily affecting the global supply chain, world port congestion, political conflicts, etc., the international export and import market witnessed a growth via sea and aircraft freight forwarding, leading to an increase in the Rubber Tired Gantry Crane market with a value of 1.34 billion USD in 2021, and forecast to reach a value of 1.76 billion USD in 2027. In addition, the escalating demand for goods and raw materials and increased trade activities between countries are accelerating the demand for products. Moreover, national governments are aggressively implementing many initiatives and investing in developing port infrastructure and capacity. For example, the Panama Canal expansion has increased container traffic around the globe, thus driving the demand for mobile container loading and unloading equipment, such as RTG Cranes, whose primary function is to save the terminals space, minimize downtime, improve productivity, and efficiency, expand flexibility and reduce costs in port operations.
Representatives of SNP and TCGT leaders take souvenir photos
The global economy opens the potential for the RTG crane market. TCGT has already had its strategic orientation to become the first unit in Vietnam, specializing in manufacturing and building new equipment for the port industry. To become a port industry equipment supplier with the brand, reputation, and quality in the region and world, TCGT is determined to produce Vietnam’s first frame crane branded SNP successfully.

TCGT, in particular, and SNP, in general, are striving to conquer the peak called the first frame crane manufactured in Vietnam. We are honored and proud to have the opportunity to cooperate and accompany domestic and international prestigious organizations and units in the system in all stages of production and operation through consultation, design appraisal, supervision from leading experts in the field of crane manufacturing, Kotec - Korea, and from the crane erection stage by TCTS with experience in implementing projects for major crane firms such as Mitsui, Kalmar,… Additionally, equipment received the support and strategic cooperation from reputable, quality equipment suppliers, world-leading brands in the crane manufacturing industry, such as control systems, motors, Siemens electrical equipment; Flender gearboxes, Igus chain cables, Conductix Wampfler Cable reel, etc. Besides, the two businesses express their honor to work with enthusiastic young engineers who are well-trained, combined with leading experts in the field of machining and mechanical structure from the Mechanical Institute of the University of Transport and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City, along with sources from TCTS.
The RTG frame crane model of TC Gantry
In addition, it is impossible not to mention Dai Dung Company (DDC) - a strategic partner accompanying TCGT. DDC is a pioneer in many fields in the industrial and energy construction industry, serving nationally critical projects such as oil and gas rigs, industrial factories, stadiums, airports - berths, power - telecommunications transmission poles, and energy infrastructure. Their notable projects include the 02 stadiums Lusail Stadium, Ras Abu Abound serving the World Cup 2022; Coal warehouse of Hoa Phat Iron and Steel Factory - Dung Quat; Long Son Petrochemical Complex; Linkou & Talin Thermal Power Plant; Bridgestone Tire Factory. With DDC's companionship and deep attachment, TCGT aims not only to provide the domestic market with localized products of equal or higher quality than imported products at competitive prices, but also to export internationally as an integration pioneer.
Leaders of TCGT and Dai Dung Metallic Manufacture Construction and Trade Corporation
With a sustainable development strategy, Tan Cang Gantry company constantly strives and devotes itself to training and developing human resources, focusing on improving the quality of products and services. SNP’s RTG cranes are proud to be the first localized product bearing the colors of the Vietnamese flag in port operation support, with the spirit of initiative, safe production, pioneering in technology, time-saving, investment costs optimization, and commits to bringing customers the most suitable solutions for a sustainable development journey.