CMA CGM signed a contract to open an empty code at ICD Tan Cang - Que Vo


CMA CGM signed a contract to open an empty code at ICD Tan Cang - Que Vo

On May 17th 2023, the first shipment of 27 containers 40 feet of CMA CGM was transported from Tan Cang 128 - Hai Phong to ICD Tan Cang - Que Vo for delivery to customers.

Being the third largest shipping company in the world, the solution to open code at ICD Tan Cang - Que Vo shows CMA CGM's determination to expand the market in the North, bring empty containers closer to customers, and satisfy the demand for transportation of import and export cargo increasing in the region. This is also an opportunity for customers in Bac Ninh, Bac Giang and neighboring areas to directly buy freight, deliver CMA CGM containers, and proceed customs clearance to and from ICD Tan Cang Que Vo, which is closer to factories. These movements contributed to the development of a green and sustainable supply chain to reduce emissions with the mode of transportation by barge.

TCQV spans an expansive 10-hectare area, and possesses the capacity to accommodate barges with a maximum tonnage of 160 TEUs, complemented by a 650-meter berth. The dry port is equipped with 5 state-of-the-art Liebherr shore cranes with a lifting capacity of 45 tons and a reach of 30 meters, and is supported by a cutting-edge and synchronized system of equipment and operating technology from the TCSG system. It also functions as a customs clearance point for import and export goods, offering a complete range of services, such as empty container depot facilities, M&R services, barge transportation services, customs services, screening, and inspection services. Since its inception, TCQV has gained the trust of leading shipping lines and agents, such as Maersk, HMM, Wanhai, SITC, SM Line, and Dongjin, who have opted to initiate exploitation codes. Furthermore, Tan Cang Que Vo Dry Port (ICD) successfully cleared the inaugural shipment of shipping lines ONE and SITC.

As a close partner of Saigon Newport, CMA CGM in the North currently operates 2 service routes at TC-HICT, including Intra Asia route BBX3 and Trans Pacific route CBX, and empty service at Tan Cang - 128 Hai Phong. With the aim of expanding door-to-door logistics services, CMA CGM is also using services at warehouses and ICDs of Saigon Newport Corporation to optimize service quality requirements and improve the delivery efficiency of customers in the region.