Delegations of Saigon Newport Corporation attended the 9th Vietnamese Port Association conference in Hai Phong


On December 10 and 11, 2020, in Hai Phong, the Vietnam Port Association (VPA) held its 9th Annual Meeting and Congress, the term 2021-2025. Attending the meeting were comrades: Nguyen Cao Luc, Deputy Director of the Government Office; Nguyen Nhat, Deputy Minister of Transport Department; Nguyen Xuan Sang, Director of Vietnam Maritime Administration; Nguyen Huu Tho, Vice Chairman of Hai Phong City People's Committee; leaders and officers of member seaports’ across the country..

The delegations of Saigon Newport Corporation who attended the meeting were 08 comrades, led by Mr. Bui Van Quy - Deputy General Director of the Company. Other subsidiary members of Saigon Newport Corporation such as Tan Cang- HICT, TCIT, Tan Cang Waterway Transport Joint Stock Company (Dong Thap Port) also attended as VPA's members. Mr. Bui Van Quy, in the role of VPA Vice Chairman, hosted the conference as an organizer and operating all activities.


Presenting the report at the conferences, Mr. Le Cong Minh, Chairman of Vietnam Port Association emphasized that in nearly 05 years (from 2016 to 2019), cargoes through seaports increased sharply 66% in terms of total volume and 56% in terms of container cargo, an average annual increase is more than 14%. The volume of imported/exported cargoes through VPA ports in 2019 reached approximately 334 million tons (increased 14% compared to 2018). In which, container cargo reached about 15.6 million TEU (increased nearly 12%); in the next 07 months of 2020, container cargo continues to rise by more than 5% over the same period in 2019, even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the fundamental and current issues of Vietnam seaports, which has been discussed in the conference is the asynchronous development between the seaports and the channel infrastructure, road transportation, and the logistic chain. The seaport development plan involving 06 port clusters hasn't had a specific plan and coordination between authorities in each port clusters to ensure the highest synchronization and outcome.

The representative of Saigon Newport Corporation also presented a speech: "Synchronous and Sustainable Port Development - Towards the Future - Port Cluster No. 5" with many proposals related to port development planning and Logistics auxiliary facility; Regional Logistics Center; Developing port area in the deepwater port cluster; Developing follows the trend of "Digital and Green" adapting the world's evolution; Developing human resources to meet the evolving requirement in the future. This discussion confirmed the importance of the VPA's advisory to the relevant ministries of the Government on policies, development plans, and the need to establish specialized departments under the VPA to advise Associations in each field.


Following the agreement of the Executive Board of VPA, Saigon Newport Corporation will host the Annual Meeting of Vietnam Port Association 2021, in which SNP is the first port to host the VPA conference in a new term of the Congress. Comrade Bui Van Quy - Vice Chairman of VPA, Deputy General Director of Saigon Newport Cooperation then represented the organization to receive a challenge banner from the Head of Hai Phong Port.

Over the past few years, along with Saigon Port, Saigon Newport Corporation has made many positive contributions to the VPA's activities in the 8th term including supporting the 12th Port Association Asean Sea (APA - 2016), APA Annual Meeting 2017 with many discussions representing Vietnam seaports at National Conferences, International Conferences, which are highly appreciated by the VPA. VPA hopes Saigon Newport Corporation, as the leading port of Vietnam, will continue to make positive contributions to VPA in the future.

During the meeting, the delegations visited Tan Vu Port and Tan Cang-HICT Port. Delegations were really impressed with the scale and strong development of Tan Cang - HICT - the first deep sea port in the North.

The Conference also went through a voting process for the Executive Board of 18 members. As a result, Mr. Le Cong Minh continues to be elected as the Chairman of Vietnam Port Association, term IX; Mr. Ho Kim Lan also continues to be elected as General Secretary of Vietnam Port Association, term 2021 - 2025. Mr. Bui Van Quy - Deputy General Director of Saigon Newport Corporation was elected as Vice President of VPA.

The new Executive Board is responsible for organizing and directing the Association's activities in future with many opportunities and challenges in the context of globalization, import-export goods continue to increase, port infrastructure and logistic chain are not synchronized, therefore the policies structure of relevant ministries and agencies at ports need many changes to adapt to the new "Digital and Eco-friendly" trend in Logistic industry to contribute to the successful implementation strategies for the marine economic development of Vietnam under Resolution 36-NQ/TW in the 8th Conference of the 12th National Executive Committee about the strategy for Economic Sustainable Development of Vietnam's marine to 2030, with a vision to 2045.

Pictures of VPA event