LTL – Safe transportation solution for all sizes of goods


LTL – Safe transportation solution for all sizes of goods

In the context of unpredictable fluctuations in the supply chain market, the need to transport LTL (Less than Truckload) efficiently and economically is more important than ever. With the aim of accompanying customers and providing a reliable retail shipping solution, Tan Cang - Hong Ngoc Phu Quoc Logistics and Ecotruck have developed an outstanding logistics system and ecosystem.

To flexibly meet the transport needs of companies, containers or just packages, THJ Logistics and Ecotruck have created a reputable and high-quality LTL retail shipping service suitable for all types of goods. The solution benefits businesses by its diversity, safety, cost savings, and environmental friendliness.

  • 1. Diversify LTL retail shipping services:

The LTL retail shipping service is designed for all types of goods. Customers will not have to worry that small items will not be enough to fill a large truck or container. This service protects the goods to the maximum by packing the E-cont (mini-container) and dividing the compartment according to standards to ensure that the goods do not come into contact and do not collide during transport. 
  • 2. Save cost and time:

With the LTL retail shipping solution, enterprises only have to pay fees based on the space actually used at a reasonable price. This helps reduce waste and significantly reduce transport costs. Moreover, the fixed schedule and 100% accurate delivery time help enterprises take the initiative in operation and business without having to worry about the transportation of goods.

  • 3. Commitment to environmental protection:

Cooperation between THJ Logistics and Ecotruck not only aims at economic benefits, but also sets a sustainable vision for environmental protection and CO2 emissions reduction. Optimizing space and reducing the number of vehicles transporting goods contributes to the goal of being environmentally friendly and protecting natural resources.
  • 4. Reliable transport partner:

Currently, EcoTruck has about 11,000 vehicles, from container trucks to forklifts, rolling on 8,500 routes, serving over 2,000 customers, with various transportation needs. With a system of garages, a large and extensive warehouse network, and outstanding multi-platform technology, built according to the operating characteristics in Vietnam, creating an ecosystem for transportation. Along with that, THJ Logistics is a member unit in the logistics-port ecosystem of Saigon Newport Corporation, always committed to supporting customers in creating an optimal logistics solution.
LTL solutions have met the increasing requirements of customers, especially in the context of the economy that constantly needs change to adapt. The combination of EcoTruck and Hong Ngoc Phu Quoc Newport is in the spirit of bilateral cooperation, to promote the potentials of both sides, providing comprehensive and multimodal transport solutions at key routes, including routes. North - South and freight forwarding routes from provinces to Phu Quoc and vice versa.
For more information, please contact THJ Logistics:
Mr. Hieu 0989263873- Sales Specialist (LTL Service)
Tan Cang Logistics Investment Joint Stock Company - Hong Ngoc Phu Quoc (THJ LOGISTICS) is a joint venture between Tan Cang Shipping Joint Stock Company - a member of Saigon Newport Corporation and Hong Kong Joint Stock Company. Ngoc Duong Dong, capable of providing multimodal logistics services in the field of Ministry - Iron - Sea on the main North-South transport routes, delivering to Phu Quoc Island and focal points in the key economic regions of Vietnam. Poetry, Laos - Vietnam border gate - Vung Ang port.

EcoTruck Technology Joint Stock Company (EcoTruck): a logistics company that applies technology, takes large freight transport as a central service, and provides an ecosystem of complementary services to improve efficiency. of the logistics industry in Vietnam, with a vision to become the first and largest transport ecosystem in Vietnam, pioneering in the field of logistics technology application.