Ministry of Transportation visited Saigon Newport corporation


On May 18th 2018 at Tan Cang Cat Lai, Delegation of leaders of the Ministry of Transport, led by His Excellency Nguyen Van The, Central Party Commissioner, The Minister of Transportation visited Cat Lai port – Saigon New Port Corporation. Greeting the delegates on site was his Excellency Rear Admiral Nguyen Dang Nghiem, CEO of Saigon New Port along with the board of directors and unit representatives..

The Minister made a direct visit to the berth No. B7 to inspect the production at the port, surveying the connection between the two ports Tan Cang- Cat Lai and Tan Cang- Phu Huu; came to the Operation Center to hear the CEO’s report on the production situation at Cat Lai Port as well as the application of modern technology to production management at all the ports in the system of Saigon New Port Corporation. After visiting the actual situation of SNP, the Minister worked with the BOD of SNP.

The Minister directly visited Berth No. B7 to inspect the production at the Port

In his report to the Minister of Transportation, Rear Admiral Nguyen Dang Nghiem, CEO of SNP briefed some main points about the results of the recent implementation of the military and defense missions, the production and operation of SNP, the direction of simultaneous implementation of two military tasks of defense, production and operation in the future, and emphasize that SNP will always be the pioneer in the construction of military-economic defense towards maritime sovereignty; the port system of Saigon New Port has highly dualistic purpose, with 26 port facilities, warehouses and yards, thousands of specialized vehicles and during peacetime being the basis for national socio-economic development; always ready to carry out plans for conversion of purposes of performing military service when requested; To become a logistics base, receiving military ships, loading and unloading cargoes, weapons and equipment for military service; carry out the reinforcement plans for activities in the sea areas and islands. At the same time, the CEO proposed some recommendations to the Ministry of Transportation.


Giving his speech at the visit, the Ministry of Transportation Nguyen Van The praised and held high regards for the recent result of Saigon New Port Corporation, positively contributed to the development of the transportation sector in particular and the economy and society of the country in general. The Minister Nguyen Van The suggested Saigon New Port Corporation continue to promote water transportation, take advantage of the river networks, and share the pressure of road transportation. At the same time, promote the application of information technology to catch up the trend of industrial revolution 4.0, improve management capacity, labor productivity. The Ministry of Transportation agreed with the SNP’s proposal; direct the functional agencies of the Ministry to coordinate with the agencies and branches in advising and proposing to the Central and the Government to settle the problems and proposals of Saigon New Port, and require SNP to coordinate closely with functional agencies of the Ministry of Transportation, Ho Chi Minh City and other localities to study the investment in specialized roads, enhance the infrastructure of the port area of SNP, especially the area of Tan Cang - Cat Lai port. The Corporation needs to continue promoting the Saigon New Port’s tradition, business culture, devote, and compete to successfully perform two military tasks of defense, production and operation. He took note on the recommendation of Saigon New Port will assign tasks to the functional departments of the Ministry of Transportation to research solutions and answer back to the SNP.

Minister of Transportation Nguyen Van The praised and appreciated the achievements of the SNP.

Minister of Transportation Nguyen Van The visited the Operation Center in Cat Lai port