Saigon Newport Corporation celebrates the Vietnam Entrepreneur Day 13/10/2017


On October 13th, 2017, Saigon Newport Corporation formally celebrated the Vietnam Entrepreneur Day to honour those who do business in the country as well as the directors of the corporation. .

This is also the celebration of the traditional day of public relations of the Party and recognition of the contribution and typical activities in the public relations of SNP in 2017. This is one of the traditional cultural activities to promote the corporate culture of SNP.

Brigadier General Tran Hoa Trung celebrates Board of Directors

Attending in the ceremony there were SNP’s Board of Directors and leaders from Departments, subsidiaies and partners who  participated in supporting the "Vietnamese heroic mother” and “Families of the Martyrs” fund. In addition, there were Major General Tran Hoai Trung - Secretary of the Party Committee, the Vietnam People’s Navy  Commissar and Mr. Vo Tan Thanh - Vice Chairman of VCCI, Chairman of VCCI in Ho Chi Minh City.

Musical programme

Speaking at the ceremony, Rear Admiral Nguyen Dang Nghiem, General Director of SPN reviewed the tradition of Vietnamese businessmen and affirmed that "after more than 30 years of renovation and integration, our country achieved many great achievements thanks to the renovation of the Party and the State; Among them, the business community and the business community are the main force, the peacemaker leading the economic reform in the direction of industrialization, modernization and international integration. With the development of enterprises throughout the country, over 28 years of mature construction, the corporation TCSG has constantly developed and to achieve the results as today, can not ignore the role very The importance of the staff of chairmen of agencies, units, member companies of the Corporation - the soldiers on the front naval defense, marine economy".

General Director also mentioned the achievements in past year of SNP such as the signing MOU for developing port services, logistics service and marine transportation with domestic and international enterprises (SITC, SK Energy, Huyen Merchant Marine, Military Bank, Vietnam Railway ...) and actively promoting trade, expanding and connecting market in China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan…  

Honor 21 excellent directors

To affirm its role and with its aims to become a leading defense economic group in the field of marine economy and locgictics services and in the context of the world is entering the 4th industrial revolution - the global economy will have breakthrough changes, SNP has been appling modern technology in operating port, logistics services and marine services. Port and logistics operations are witnessing strong moves by technology. Facing these challenges and opportunities, General Director of SNP posed two big questions: "Where are we in a unstoppable world? What will we do on the way to build and protect our brand?" The concern of General Director is the direction for the leaders of SNP in finding appropriate solutions, especially applying the success of the 4th Industrial Revolution in operating business, implementing the right strategy to ensure the sustainable development and maintaining the leading role in the port operation and logistics services in Vietnam of SNP.

Acknowledge “ Vietnamese Mother hero, heroic martyrs supporting fund”

On this occasion, SNP leaders has honored 21 outstanding directors - representing for 21 companies and departments that have contributed to the outstanding growth of the Corporation in 2017. At the end of the ceremony Mr. Ngo Quang Chung - Secretary of Party Committee and Deputy General Director - reviewed and evaluated 1 year of operation of "Vietnamese heroic mother” and “Families of the Martyrs” fund and acknowledged the positive contribution of the teams and individuals in the past year.