Saigon Newport Corporation: Global reach, global connection


Saigon Newport Corporation: Global reach, global connection

Established on March 15th 1989, grown from an old terminal on the Saigon River with 4 berths, 1.2 kilometer - long quayside and battered warehouses, after 35 years of constant renovation, Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP) is affirming its leading spot in port operations in Vietnam and the Southeast Asia region. With 3 core businesses of port operations, logistics services and shipping and sea services, SNP confirms its role of a leader its industry. Its robust development helps to elevate national position of Vietnam and promote trade between Vietnam and the world and SNP is deserving the Title of the Labour Hero the second time.

Solidifying its market leadership

As of March 2024, SNP operates 28 port facilities and logistics infrastructure nationwide, asserting its leading position in the maritime industry. Notably, its terminal network, including deep-water ones such as Lach Huyen Port in Hai Phong City and Cai Mep - Thi Vai Port in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, stands as reliable destinations for numerous major shipping lines. The corporation reports handling over 8,000 voyages annually from more than 60 global shipping lines, handling a throughput volume of 9.7 million TEUs. This contributes to a nearly 56% market share of container import and export nationwide. Total volume of SNP’s terminal network is equivalent to the volume of the 17th largest port among TOP 20 largest container ports in the world.
SNP operates 28 port facilities and logistics infrastructure nationwide, asserts its leading position in the maritime industry

SNP does not only lead in terms of port operations, but also offers the diverse logistics services, expanding from port to factories in industrial parks and export processing zones. These services include comprehensive warehouse management, freight forwarding, road and waterway transportation connecting Laos, Cambodia, and all regions across the country, from Northern Vietnam to the Mekong Delta. Additionally, the Corporation provides services for OOG cargo, solar and wind energy projects in the Central, Central Highlands, and Southwest regions. It excels in one-stop electronic customs brokerage services, as well as international door-to-door services, through a network of over 50 agents in key markets such as the United States, China, South Korea…

The reputation of SNP continues to be affirmed through the trust and partnership of customers both domestically and internationally. Notably, the Corporation has been honored twice with the title of the Labor Hero by the State, and has received the Vietnam Value award for seven consecutive times. Tan Cang Cat Lai Terminal and Tan Cang Cai Mep International Terminal (TCIT) received the Green Port award of APEC Port Services Network (APSN) in 2017 and 2020.
SNP received the Vietnam Value award for seven consecutive times

Global reach, global connection

The pioneering in innovation, digitalization, as well as the nonstop spirit in terms of creativity, service quality improvement, and customer-oriented mindset has been the way to propel SNP to stay ahead, keeping up with global trends, continuously modernizing formalities in serving customers, bringing them closer to the ambitious goal of global connectivity. Port research organizations put the terminal efficiency (calculated as per the metre of berth) at Tan Cang Cat Lai at the top tier, it is no exaggeration that Cat Lat terminal efficiency is as high as Port of Shanghai and even higher than Port of Singapore.

Back in 2016, SNP pioneered the E-port program, marking a significant turning point in modernizing container handling procedures in Vietnam. The Electronic Delivery Order (EDO) has been applied at Tan Cang Cat Lai Terminal since 2020, paving the way for digitalization of procedures at other terminals nationwide, facilitating customers. This timely transformation helped ensure a seamless cargo flow in Southern Vietnam even during the Covid pandemic. Currently, SNP is deploying various digital and green transformation solutions, effectively applying technology to business operations, and moving toward the eSNP ecosystem, a comprehensive digital service center…

The benefits of information technology encourage SNP to apply more in connecting customers domestically and internationally. Currently, SNP has built a digital multimedia network of 10 digital channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Zalo OA, Viber, Email Marketing… with nearly 70.000 followers.
SNP’s eco-system – the integration of SNP’s port, logistics facilities and digital system
In recent years, SNP proactively joined international associations, igniting initiatives for the growth of the industry at regional and global events. SNP’s contributions to improving productivity, connectivity, digitalization and green logistics have been highly appreciated. In 2023, SNP attended nearly 30 conferences, exhibitions, trade promotions in 21 countries, arranging meetings with senior leaders of strategic partners in Singapore, Taiwan, China, and Europe…
SNP proactively joins international associations, igniting initiatives for the growth of the industry at regional and global events
With a solid foundation built over the past 35 years, SNP is confident in its ability to realize its international expansion and global connectivity strategies. The company remains committed to its mission of "Connecting the circulation of goods, developing the marine economy, raising the national brand, contributing to the construction and defense of the Motherland" and will soon become the leading corporation in the field of marine economy in the time to come.