Saigon Newport was honored as "Long Year Services" of Maersk Shipping Line


Saigon Newport was honored as

On June 28, 2022, a representative of SNP Logistics attended the Maersk Shipping "Responsible Sourcing" Forum to present the supplier's responsibilities in providing services to Maersk. Saigon Newport was honored as "Long Year Services" of Maersk Shipping Line - a valuable proof of sustainable cooperation with the global shipping line of APM Group - Denmark.

The Maersk "Responsible Sourcing" Forum was organized to present the responsibilities of suppliers in providing services to Maersk. Each specific content is a dedicated PIC presented by Managers / CEO in the Asia region, including: stating Maersk's values; emphasizing how to work systematically and in processes, how to interact with customers and partners; and simultaneously specifying roles on business morality, health care & workplace safety, environment, working conditions & human resource training.

In addition, attending the forum, there was also the guest of Mrs. Diem Hong, representative of OTTS of Nestle Vietnam, to present on issues related to occupational safety in Vietnam, to exchange and contribute experiences in management and safety for workers. The conversation has helped enterprises accumulate a lot of experience, as well as bring practical meaning in labor management.

Over the past few years, with long-term cooperation, Maersk Shipping Line has not only used port operations and warehousing services at facilities throughout the SNP system, but has also always accompanied and pioneers in logistics that promote service development, such as Eport-EDO. In addition, Maersk also uses services related to logistics activities provided by SNPL, including: Port transfer: including customs procedures, transportation by road or barge on the Tan Cang-Cat route (CTL) - Cai Mep (inside & outside the system), CTL - Binh Duong Port; Customs procedures for unstuffing goods to containers; Other services such as adjusting manifest, exporting and returning goods,…
In addition to the commitment to strict legal compliance between the two parties, pay attention to workers' "health care", increase workers' skills and develop a green port ecosystem - minimizing the impact on the environment between SNP and Maersk Shipping. The honor of "Long Year Services" was awarded to SNP Logistics by the representative of Maersk Vietnam Shipping Lines as a valuable proof of the cooperation between SNP and a global shipping line of APM group - Denmark.

With the honor to become the unit honored "Long Year Services" from Maersk, SNP in general and SNP Logistics in particular are committed to constantly promoting and improving service quality, as well as continuing to improve based on the sustainable development strategy, and simultaneously strengthen cooperation with all shipping lines on the basis of the port- logistics ecosystem to provide a full chain of services for import customers, contributing to reducing logistics costs, improving the viability of Vietnamese enterprises, and jointly developing the "Blue Ocean" strategy.