Tan Cang- 189 terminal welcomed the maiden call


On August 07th 2012, Tan Cang - 189 Terminal has successfully held the ceremony of welcoming the maiden call – Vessel Magellan Jupiter with 7977 DWT, LOA 133m, which is operated by SITC line..

Tan Cang -189 Terminal is a subsidiary of Saigon Newport Corporation(SNP). It is located inside Dinh Vu industrial zone, Dong Hai Ward, Hai An District, Hai Phong city. Tan Cang- 189 terminal belong to the  Hai Phong port group which is considered to be the major Northern sea transportation gateway. Currently, Tan Cang- 189 has 160 meters of berth and 10 hectares of CY. SNP will continue the investment to extend the berth and enlarge the CY at Tan Cang- 189 terminal in the time to come. Tan Cang- 189 is expected to have 3673 meters of berth and 20 hectares of CY in the end of 2013 which will be able to accommodate the  two vessels  with the tonnage of 20,000 DWT for each  simultaneously.

The ceremony had the presence of Mr. Sun Yong Li – President of SITC VN, Mr. Tran Khanh Hoang, - Vice President of Saigon Newport Corporation, Mr. Vu Dinh Ninh, Vice President of 189 Ltd Co., (major shareholder of Tan Cang- 189),  Mr. Bui Si Tuan – President of Tan Cang 189 JS.

The ceremony of welcoming the maiden call at Tan Cang- 189 terminal has remarked the historic significance as this event is the primal step in the whole development process of Tan Cang 189 JS  in particular and SNP in general in the  North of Vietnam. With the expertise and great experience of SNP, Tan Cang 189 is an essential link of SNP’s Logistic network. With the slogan “Mutual Benefits – Development  Together” Tan Cang 189 commits to provide the top quality service and warmest caring and support which can assure the satisfaction of any shipping lines and clients.