Tan Cang – Cai Mep International Terminal (TCIT) exceeds 15,000,000 teus throughput volume after nearly 12 years of operation


Tan Cang – Cai Mep International Terminal (TCIT) exceeds 15,000,000 teus throughput volume after nearly 12 years of operation

On July 7, 2022, Tan Cang - Cai Mep International Terminal handled the 15,000,000th TEU throughput volume after nearly 12 years of operation when successfully welcomed the mother vessel ONE CRANE deployed on PS7 service, connecting to the West Coast of US. This event is a new milestone affirming the position, role and sustainable development of TCIT in particular, as well as the potentiality and attraction of the Cai Mep - Thi Vai ports (CM-TV), belonging to the Ba Ria - Vung Tau seaport system in general.

Figure 1 – TCIT exceeds 15,000,000 TEUs throughput volume since the operation

Since TCIT welcomed the first mother vessel - MOL PRECISION on January 15, 2011 up to now, with the right direction and leadership of TCIT's management board and shareholders, as well as the support of Saigon Newport Corporation system, the trust and companionship of customers, shipping lines, TCIT has continuously developed and become the largest deep-water terminal in the country with more than 50% portion of CM-TV ports, accommodating nearly 4,500 mother vessels with 8-12 international service routes weekly connecting Vietnam to major markets such as the US, Europe, and Intra Asia, and ranked second in term of throughput volume only after Tan Cang - Cat Lai terminal.

In addition, TCIT has achieved its own landmark in production and business activities by continuously setting records in Vietnam's seaport industry such as the record of volume handling on a mother vessel (15,615 TEUs) and handling productivity (238.08 containers/hour/vessel), awarded Green Port Award by the APEC Ports Service Network (APSN) Council, contributing to raising the level of Vietnam seaport industry on the world maritime map.

In particular, within the last 2 years, TCIT continuously exceeded the 2 million TEU throughput despite being heavily affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, continuing to maintain No. 1 position in the CM-TV area. With the results achieved, TCIT has created "leverage" to help other economic sectors develop, enhance the attraction of FDI, and promote socio-economic development in the Southern region along with the whole country.

The event of exceeding 15,000,000 TEUs throughput volume is one of the important landmarks of TCIT during its formation and development. With the motto "Unremitting innovation, Accelerating co-investment, Enhancing competitiveness, Growing business", TCIT will continue to invest in modern equipment and apply technology in operational and business activities, expand the scale, strengthen the quality of human resources, improve the capacity to meet the needs of the market, encourage shipping activities, help reduce logistics costs for customers, increase competitiveness, attracting foreign investment, contributing to the development of the CM-TV area particularly and Vietnam in the international market generally.

Figure 2 – TCIT container yard

Filled with the joy of reaching the milestone of 15,000,000th TEU throughput, TCIT would like to send our deepest gratitude and appreciation to the attention and favorable conditions by agencies as well as the trust, and support from partners, customers and shipping lines during the time, so that TCIT will constantly develop, overcome all challenges, anticipate the trend, worthy of being the leading deep-water terminal in Vietnam.



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