Tan Cang Logistics is providing "Door to Door" service


Being a subsidiary of Saigon Newport, Tan Cang Logistics which was established and has developed as a necessary demand to provide the solution about supply chain. Currently, we offer several services such as: stevedoring, empty containers, "stuffing and unstuffing", bulk cargo, and especially logistic service... Tan Cang Logistic is proud to be a part of Cat Lai port in particular and port’s system of SNP in general.

Recognizing the trend of market’s demand in the domestic and international, TCL is the first subsidiary of Saigon Newport operated in supply chain services for customers. Along with the advantages location, the position on market’s seaport, the growth of the experienced staffs, partnership with many shipping lines, modern equipment, spacious infrastructure etc. ... Step by step TCL has affirmed position in field of logistics services, TCL is growing up with the times, reaching out to many new areas, new markets.
With the forecasting of gloomy economy in 2013, the board of director and staff of TCL has launched the new business strategy, exploiting new markets in other facilities, such as:  TC 128 Hai Phong, Tan Cang Nhon Trach, Ba Ria – Vung Tau etc…Of which, Nhon trach are considered as a potential development market of TCL. Along with advantages of TC – NT which is located conveniently near the Nhon Trach industrial zone, square of harbors and infrastructure are over 50,000 m2, with 02 strategic berth to operate different functions. Meeting all the demand for stevedoring of bulk cargo and container commodities. Along with the modern equipment such as quay cranes, floating cranes, forklifts, tractors, Camcorder etc...

Besides that, TCL is supported by government agencies, local functions departments ... TCNT has been being stable development. With more advantages and the provision of quality services, step by step customer is accepting TCNT as a long arm of Cat Lai, from just use some simple services such as barge transport, stevedoring… now the customers agree to use additional services of TCL, improving supply chain logistics to the client from the port – port; port - factory / warehouse...

TCL is always flexible, non-stop changing and providing new package services, aiming to provide the professional, warm and pleasing services, and satisfy the increase of demand of customer, worthy of the trust of clients.