Tan Cang Long Binh ICD - Logistics center of Dong Nai province


In the past few days, Vietnam has entered a period of more than 50 consecutive days without new Covid-19 infected cases in the community reported nationwide, business activities have been gradually returned to normal, Tan Cang Long Binh ICD also quickly deploying activities to introduce their new Empty Depot Container services to shipping lines and import-export customers in Dong Nai area .

The Challenge
Since the ICD/Depot cluster in the Truong Tho Thu Duc area has been proposed to be included in the New Creative City to The east of Ho Chi Minh City, therefore these ICD /Depots in this area will start to be relocated by the end of 2020. The relocation is planned to be completed by the end of 2022. With the annual throughput of 15 tons of cargoes, equivalent to 500.000 containers, and the high level of concentration of Empty Container Depots, the relocation will put the shipping lines a hard test to find the new connecting point for Import-Export Cargoes and Empty container for their shipping services shortly. Because if there is no corresponding alternative route for this transshipment ICD/Depot cluster, the chaos in the supply chain of manufacturing and import-export enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, and other neighboring areas, is inevitable.

Cụm cảng ICD Trường Thọ có diện tích hơn 63 ha với 3 mặt giáp sông Sài Gòn

SNP’s solution –  Tan Cang Long Binh ICD
With a convenient location, located between the key industrial zones of Dong Nai province, along with the exploitation and operational capability and the same management standards and uniform service quality throughout the system of Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP). The Empty Container Depot service at Tan Cang Long Binh ICD receives great attention and interest from customers and shipping lines. Accordingly, in the coming time, with supportive policies and the coordination between business enterprises, Customs, and shipping lines, Empty container services at Tan Cang Long Binh ICD will be a reasonable choice for Import-Export Companies in the area in terms of cost and efficiency. Connecting with Cai Mep and Cat Lai port clusters in the context that there are still many limitations of the capacity of Empty Container Depot in the Ho Chi Minh area. With the advantage of infrastructure, yards, management capacity, and efficient Depot exploitation according to the standards of SNP's system, currently the empty service at Tan Cang Long Binh ICD is receiving attention from Hapag-Lloyd, Cosco, Yangming ... and many large import-export companies in the region, especially companies dealing in wood, furniture, agricultural products …

Hãng tàu Yangming đến làm việc tại ICD Tân Cảng Long Bình
Tan Cang Long Binh ICD welcomed YangMing Shipping Line. 

To reduce the peak time congestion of seaports in the Ho Chi Minh City area and Cai Mep port cluster (Ba Ria - Vung Tau),  from the beginning of 2020, Saigon Newport Corporation and Dong Nai Customs Department have been put into operation, as a place for gathering, inspecting and completing customs procedures for import and export goods at Tan Cang Long Binh ICD - Dong Nai. Thereby bringing Tan Cang Long Binh ICD into a close link, which is the "extended arm" of this seaport system with industrial parks, industrial clusters in Bien Hoa city, and large industrial zones throughout Dong Nai province. The operation of Tan Cang Long Binh ICD aims to develop a chain of logistics services in the whole from the port to the ICD and vice versa and diversify the services currently provided to businesses.

Giới thiệu dịch vụ Depot rỗng của ICD Tân Cảng Long Bình đến hãng tàu Hapad-Lloyd

With the vision of becoming an inland port and Logistics center of Bien Hoa and Dong Nai areas soon, Tan Cang Long Binh ICD will continue to improve existing services, and expand new services and directions. By providing full service, brings many benefits to the participants of the service chain such as reducing costs, saving time for customers, shipping lines, and helping to improve service quality.

Bãi rỗng tại ICD Tân Cảng Long Bình
For more information, please contact:
Operation Department at Tan Cang - Long Binh ICD
Tel.: 0989.727899
Email: trucbansanxuat@icdlongbinh.com
Customers, shipping lines can also get more information about ICD Tan Cang Long Binh and utilities through the introduction video at the following Link: