Tan Cang Offshore Services and the journey in Thailand


Tan Cang Offshore Services and the journey in Thailand

Tan Cang Offshore service opens representative office in Thailand

Thailand - Potential market for maritime services

Thailand has always been a potential market for foreign offshore service companies. With an export-oriented policy and the purpose of becoming an essential link in the global production chain, Thailand actively signs and participates in many regional and international cooperation mechanisms, including agreeing to ease barriers and facilitate foreign enterprises and service vessels.
TCO has deployed many maritime projects in recent years

TCO and the journey in Thailand

The economy gradually recovered after the pandemic, and the global political instability made the demand for maritime services increase in the context that oil prices continuously peaked. Since 2021, TCO has promoted the development of the Thai market, cooperated with many major domestic partners, PTTEP Thailand, Chevron, Mubadala, SC Management, etc, and achieved many remarkable achievements. In addition, the Company has established a representative office in Songkhla, Thailand, with a multi-national team - serving as an extension arm, supporting the market expansion and fleet management.

Up to now, TCO has successfully signed and deployed 8 mining vessels, including 6 AHTS vessels: TC Dragon (7000 BHP), TC Lam Son (7000 BHP), EVAY (10,800 BHP), Tan Cang 89 (10,800 BHP), TC Hai An (8,000 BHP), TC Vigour (8,800); 2 underground remote-controlled robots: ATOM 01 and Quantum 3, carried out long-term projects off the coast of Thailand.

TCO’s office in Songkla, Thailand
Constantly affirming the position and brand name of TCO in the international market

In recent years, with a series of projects to tow, rescue, survey underground, and provide multi-purpose oil and gas service vessels, ocean towage and salvage, and transportation & installation services prominently in the Southeast Asia market, TCO has gradually asserted itself as one of the leading marine service providers in the region. With a representative office established in Thailand, TCO hopes to continue to affirm the prestige of TCO in particular and Saigon Newport Corporation in general in this market.