Tan Cang Pilot Llc Puts Tan Cang A1 Tugboat Into Operation


On May 17th, Tan Cang Pilot Limited Liability company (Tan Cang Pilot LLC) held a ceremony at berth B1, Tan Cang Cat Lai terminal in the occasion of putting Tan Cang A1 tugboat into operation.

This ceremony proudly had the presence of General Director of Saigon Newport Corporation, Directors and Representatives from Saigon Port Authorities, Vietnam Maritime Administration – Ho Chi Minh branch, Vietnam Register – Office No. 6, the Saigon port’s border gate  customs department zone I, Border defense force – Cat Lai port office, Ho Chi Minh waterway police, International Shipping and Labour Cooperation JSC (Inlaco), Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank and the attendance of the representatives of the functional departments of Saigon Newport Corporation and press agencies.

Specifications of A1 tugboat: length: 32m; breadth: 8,7m; 45 tons towing hook; 1,5 ton crane and fully equipped with lifesaving, fire-extinguishing and salvaging appliances. The tugboat is applied with new modern technology, which helps to create high mobility while operating in the harbor and the narrow waterways. Hence, it can offer towage service in every situation with the highest level of safety. It is a modern tugboat specifically designed to support towing at seaports and is currently used in big modern ports of the developed maritime nations all over the world. The coming into operation of A1 tugboat shall meet the austere towing standards and the towing demand for large capacity vessels, particularly when petec wharf is put into operation.

On development strategy orientation, the exploitation of A1 tugboat proves the growth of Tan Cang Maritime Services Joint Stock Company in improving service quality, exceeding production plan as well as maintaining and fostering customers’ trust. This success shows the power of union and integration, financial strength combined with the advantage in human resources with not only an intellectual board of directors together with talent staffs of Tan Cang Maritime Services JSC, but also those of SNP.