Tan Cang- Song Than ICD with sustainable development strategy & keeping customers’ trust


In the context of the difficult economic situation and severe competition in the region, the management of Tan Cang- Song Than ICD (TC-ST ICD) has taken timely solution to overcome the difficulties, focus on improving the service quality to meet the needs of customers, constantly improving the operation process in a flexible manner to suit the performance practice and carrying out effectively the commitments on the quality of service under the Key Performance Index (KPI).

All these efforts aim at increasing the competitiveness of the company in order to create the new steps breakthrough & differentiation.

During the past time, TC-ST ICD has maintained the signing & implementing the commitments on the service quality with the clients such as ICP, APLL, KCV…. and always reached the high KPI, thus the company always gains customers’ confidence and appreciation. This creates trust and satisfaction of customers, and it is a prerequisite for the long-term cooperation as well as the stability of the business targets of TC-ST ICD.

 Due to the limitation of land, it is difficult to enlarge the existing infrastructure to attract more customers to TC-ST ICD. In that situation, beside the intensive investment to improve service quality, create trust and long-term engagement with customers, TC-ST ICD continuously expands its services in the outside area to increase capacity and add value to stabilize revenue and complete business plan. Early in 2013 the company has participated in the tender and won the bidding for operating the Centralized customs inspection at Highway 13-Binh Duong Customs department with total area of 26.000m2, at Binh Duc 2, Binh Hoa ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong province. Currently this area is the inspection yard of Customs Department who manages import/export goods outside the industrial parks, together with other Customs Departments on Highway 13 (My Phuoc Customs Department, Viet Huong Industrial Park and VISIP IP).

Winning the bidding package has created more value for the company and contributed to increasing the prestige and brand for TC – ST ICD in particular and Saigon Newport in general in the area of Binh Duong province.

Thus, In the fierce competition of the warehousing market in the present time, finding more customers is difficult but keeping customers to use the services for long term is much harder. Thus, creating a dedicated way to feature quality of service with reasonable policies of TC-ST ICD to create trust and long-term engagement with customers is the right and essential direction, along with the expansion of services to meet the needs of all customers by building and developing 3PL Logistic services.