TC-HICT sets a new record for handling volume on mother ships in the Vietnam Northen region


TC-HICT sets a new record for handling volume on mother ships in the Vietnam Northen region

In the first four months of 2022, TC-HICT has welcomed many new service lines consecutively. Doubling this joy, on the afternoon of April 12, TC-HICT continued to welcome MAERSK's MEGALOPOLIS vessel with the largest throughput ever.

The total import and export volume of the ship reached 7,686 TEUs, of which 3,814 TEUs for imports and 3,872 TEUs for exports. This is the record for handling volume on an international ship ever docked at the terminal, surpassing the previous record of M/V Daisy.
The vessel MEGALOPOLIS, with a tonnage of 62,172 DWT, with a length of 255.29m, belongs to MAERSK's TPX service route connecting the US West Coast with Hai Phong: Haiphong - Yantian - Ningbo - Los Angeles - East China.

MAERSK is the world's largest container shipper, with headquarters and branches in more than 130 countries, and a network of shipping services connecting major ports worldwide. MAERSK is also a shipping line that has attached, supported, trusted and brought service lines to TC-HICT since the early days of the terminal's operation. Therefore, this event further affirms the development cooperation between the shipping line and the terminal, and simultaneously demonstrates TC-HICT's constantly increasing operation capacity and service quality to always be a destination, a reliable choice of shipping lines.

TC-HICT receives 12 service lines a week, 6 of which are direct to the US, 1 to Australia and 5 to Inner Asia. It can be affirmed that TC-HICT is an important link in the supply chain of goods in the North in particular and Vietnam in general. Service lines directly connecting Hai Phong with the US are increasingly deployed by shipping lines at TC-HICT, meeting the rapidly growing import and export demand in the market. Through the successful welcoming of the vessel with the largest loading and unloading capacity ever, TC-HICT also ensures its berth handling capacity and service quality to meet the handling of cargo ships with large output in the future.
In the coming time, TC-HICT will continue to invest in modern equipment and strive to achieve the title of Green Port to become a model terminal in Hai Phong in terms of service quality - environmentally friendly, to attract more shipping lines and customers.