The ceremony of receiving the title of the Labour Hero and celebrating Saigon Newport’s 35th Anniversary (15/03/1989 - 15/03/2024)


The ceremony of receiving the title of the Labour Hero and celebrating Saigon Newport’s 35th Anniversary (15/03/1989 - 15/03/2024)

On the morning of 15th March, 2024, Saigon Newport Corporation organized the ceremony of receiving the title of the Labour Hero and celebrating Saigon Newport’s 35th Anniversary (15/03/1989 - 15/03/2024)

Comrade Nguyen Trong Nghia, Member of the Central Party Committee, Head of the Central Propaganda Committee, attended and presented the Hero of Labor title to Saigon Newport Corporation.
Also in attendance were former State President Truong Tan Sang, former Chairman of the National Assembly Nguyen Van An, former Vice President Truong My Hoa, Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh, Party Central Committee Member, Deputy Minister of National Defense; Major General Pham Truong Son, Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Vietnam People's Army.

The ceremony was also attended by former Central Party Committee members and former Deputy Ministers of Defense: Lieutenant General Truong Quang Khanh; Lieutenant General Tran Don, a former member of the Central Military Commission Standing Committee; Lieutenant General Le Chiem.

Representatives from the Navy also attended the ceremony, including Rear Admiral Tran Thanh Nghiem, Party Central Committee Member and commander of the Navy; Major General Nguyen Van Bong, Secretary of the Party Committee, Political Commissar of the Navy, and representatives who are Directors, former Directors of the Naval Command.
The ceremony was also attended by representatives from various central committees, ministries, and sectors; leaders of localities; heroic Vietnamese mothers; customers, shipping companies, and representatives of officials, employees, and workers of the Corporation.

On its first day of establishment, Saigon Newport Corporation was assigned to manage the downgraded military port with a charter capital of 17.5 billion VND, comprising 36 officers and soldiers. Over the course of 35 years of development, Saigon Newport Corporation has consistently maintained its number one position in Vietnam in the field of port operation and logistics services, making significant contributions to the country's economic development while safeguarding national sovereignty over seas and islands. It has affirmed its important position on the international stage, shining as an example of implementing the Party's policy of combining economic development with national defense and security.
Especially in the past decade, Saigon Newport Corporation has experienced remarkable development and achieved impressive historical milestones in terms of scale, quality, efficiency, managerial capacity, and deep international integration following the trends of digitization and sustainability, promoting the brand of Saigon Newport Corporation as "Global reach, global connection."
Colonel Ngo Minh Thuan, President of Saigon Newport Corporation delivered a commemorative speech

To date, the scale of Saigon Newport Corporation's port facilities spans across 17 provinces and key cities from the South to the North, comprising 47 dependent units, including 13 operational departments, 5 centers, branches, 29 subsidiaries, and affiliated companies. These subsidiaries and affiliates have contributed capital to establish 34 companies operating in port operation, logistics, transportation, maritime-related sectors, employing over 7,500 officials and employees, providing jobs for more than 10,000 local workers engaged in the corporation's production and service chains.
The facilities of Saigon Newport Corporation play a crucial role as major import and export gateways of the country, making significant contributions to the national import and export tax revenue. Specifically at Tan Cang - Cat Lai Port, the largest and most modern port in Vietnam, ranking 30th among the world's largest ports, the annual import and export turnover through the port accounts for approximately 21% of the national total, contributing about 26% to the total revenue of the Customs Department, 17-20% to the budget revenue of Ho Chi Minh City, and around 6% to the total national budget revenue.
The port facilities and equipment managed and operated by Saigon Newport Corporation are versatile, serving both civilian and military purposes. They have collaborated with the Naval forces to handle and receive military cargo, ensuring berthing for Vietnamese Navy vessels on missions at sea; undertaking difficult military construction projects in border and island areas; effectively carrying out foreign defense missions at international ports like Cam Ranh, contributing to the affirmation of Vietnam's open, multilateral, diversified foreign policy and actively integrating into the international community, thus protecting the homeland in advance and from afar.
Saigon Newport Corporation is a pioneering enterprise at the forefront of investing in equipment, extensively applying information technology, digital transformation, and online services in management, operation, and service quality maintenance. Building "green ports" and "smart services" are important factors for Saigon Newport Corporation to enhance business efficiency and differentiate service quality, creating sustainable competitive advantages compared to other companies in the same industry, contributing to the realization of the government's digital transformation strategy, saving costs for customers, reducing product costs, and developing the national economy.
Saigon Newport Corporation is also known for its role as a leading enterprise in carrying out the functions of the People's Army Working Team of the Vietnam People's Army. The corporation's military logistics, civilian logistics, social security, and community responsibilities have been vigorously promoted over the past 35 years through numerous practical and meaningful programs contributing to the overall development of the community and society. Over the past decade alone, Saigon Newport Corporation has allocated over 400 billion VND for social security activities and charitable activities, focusing on participating in the movement "Building New Countryside Together", "Joining Hands for the Poor - Leaving No One Behind", providing lifelong care for Heroic Vietnamese Mothers, families of martyrs, supporting fishermen's families, building solidarity houses, and comrades' houses, among others.
The contributions of Saigon Newport Corporation have been recognized by the Party, the State, the Military, and the Navy with numerous prestigious awards and honors: Hero of Labor title (2004); 1 Third-class Independence Medal; 6 First, Second, and Third-class Labor Medals; 2 Third-class Victory Medals, along with many other prestigious awards. On the 35th anniversary, Saigon Newport Corporation continues to be honored with the Hero of Labor title for the second time by the Party and the State.
Saigon Newport Corporation has also been highly regarded by reputable organizations both domestically and internationally. Tan Cang - Cat Lai Terminal and Tan Cang International Container Terminal - Cai Mep Port are the first two ports in Vietnam operated by Saigon Newport Corporation to be awarded the APEC Ports Green Award (GPAS) by the APEC Port Association. It has been voted as the "National Brand" by the National Brand Council 7 times in a row and recognized as "Outstanding Enterprise for Workers" 5 times consecutively. It ranks among the top 5 reputable companies in the logistics service industry according to Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company.
On behalf of the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of National Defense, Senior Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh acknowledges, highly appreciates, and commends the high determination, effort, and outstanding achievements of the generations of leaders, officers, employees, and workers of Saigon Newport Corporation, which have significantly contributed to the national defense mission and the common achievements of the port operation sector, logistics services, and maritime economy, contributing to the overall achievements of the country.
Senior Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh, Deputy Minister of National Defense, delivered a congratulatory speech
Senior Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh directs Saigon Newport Corporation to further promote its role as the leading port operator and logistics service provider in Vietnam, continuing to pioneer the effective implementation of the Party and State's policies on combining economy with defense, and defense with economy. The corporation should actively expand investments to promote business development while being ready to participate in safeguarding national sovereignty over seas and islands, contributing to the early and distant protection of the country, and building a strong and prosperous Vietnam.