The first container vessel docked at Tan Cang - Cai Mep ODA Terminal


On 27th April 2014, the first container vessel docked at Tan Cang - Cai Mep ODA Terminal (TCOT), which indicates the official launching of container operation of SNP at its newest terminal.

The Cai Mep – Thi Vai International Terminal Project was invested in accordance with the Prime Minister’s decisions, aimed at forming deep-water sea port system, synchronizing with the infrastructure system and modern, high-capacity logistics, to meet the rapidly growing transportation demand in the southern region and the demand of transiting goods worldwide. Total investment of the project is 12,891 billions VND, including loans from JICA and reciprocal capital of Vietnam. The project started in 2008, including 6 construction packages and 2 consulting service packages, among which the most important is the 1st package of Cai Mep Container Terminal construction, including 600-meter berth (2 berths), being able to receive up-to-110,000 DWT vessels, capacity of 600,000 TEU / year, total investment is 291,491,000 USD (6,071,169,000,000 VND). Cai Mep Container Terminal is 39.6 hectares, with 6,4000-sqm CFS warehouse, 486 refer container plugs. The Terminal is also equipped with 4 gantry cranes and 15 RTG cranes. In the future, to meet the operational demand, the Terminal will be further equipped with 2 Post-panamax quay cranes, 3 RTG cranes, 25 tractors and complete and modern IT system for operation and integration with shipping lines and customers.

Saigon Newport leader welcoming the crew

Saigon Newport Corporation is the largest port operator in Vietnam, including Tan Cang – Cat Lai port, Tan Cang – Mien Trung port, Tan Cang – 189 Hai Phong, Tan Cang – 128 Hai Phong, Tan Cang – Sa Dec port, Tan Cang – Cao Lanh port, and Tan Cang – Cai Mep ports (TCCT and TCIT, with over 68.9% market share in Thi Vai – Cai Mep area). In 2013, total container handled through all SNP ports reaches 3.9 million TEU – almost 50% national market share. In Hochiminh city, Tan Cang – Cat lat port handled 3.2 million TEU – making up 85.6% of the area market. With the advantages of being in the downstream area, modern and synchronized infrastructure, with connecting network and the reputation of Saigon Newport Corporation, Cai Mep International Terminal has many potentials and advantages in attracting vessels and goods, even though deep-water ports in Cai Mep area are having problems.  The operation plan of Cai Mep International Container Terminal of Saigon Newport Corporation also shows the determination of the leaders and all employees to maintain and strengthen its position as the number 1 container operator in Vietnam.

The first container vessel docking at TCOT