The VPA annual meeting 2011 (23/09/2011)



Within two days, 21st and 22nd August, the delegation of Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP) led by Mr. Nguyen Dang Nghiem – General Director of SNP; Vice Chairman of Vietnam Seaport Association (VPA) attended the VPA annual meeting 2012 at Da Nang City. There were nearly 400 participants at the conference who are the leaders of 59 port members, Vietnam Maritime Administration, Da Nang City, and the Provincial Departments

According to VPA’ report, in year 2011, the total throughput of goods through 59 port members of VPA reached more than 159 million tons, slightly increased in 4% compared with those of 2010; container volume increased 8% to nearly 7.2 million TEU. In particular, volume of Ho Chi Minh City ports region accounted for over 66% container nationwide, Northern ports accounted for 30%,  Central of Vietnam kept only 3%. The Northern ports made the growth  of 13% in 2011; especially Doan Xa port achieved an impressive growth of up to 250%. The growth rate was generally slower than those in the previous years. Besides the reasons caused by the impact of the economic crisis, the VPA’ report also stated number of the obstacles affecting  the growth of goods through seaports such as: poor transportation infrastructure,  the road connection and public service utilities are incorporate and do not keep pace with the terminal investment,   management mechanisms and seaport infrastructure  development; and maritime fairways coordinating with role of port authorities has not been finalized for issuance. 

The Executive Committee of VPA – Course VII – reported to conference about the VPA operation situation in recent years, the direction in the coming years and discussion the number of ports belonging to association. Mr Tran Khanh Hoang, Deputy General Director of SNP had speech at the conference namely  “Seaport Security – a Prerequisite to ensure the effectiveness of seaport operation”. The speech presented SNP’ experiences in the implementation of the contents of  ISPS for all SNP’s facilities; enhancing the  security for Tan Cang – Cat Lai Terminal, enforcing  and strictly implementing the  security control processes, facilities, control of people and goods getting in/out and some restricted areas…especially, the speech strongly emphasized the valuable experience in the ISPS implementation is the close coordination of SNP with the local  police, authorities, and fire prevention & fighting force in term of making and deploying the plan to maintain order and security; flood prevention; seek and rescue; fire prevention; anti – terrorism; anti – oil spilling. SNP is always ready in the preparatory work for the arrangement of security force, facilities, and equipment for the most effective security control.

At the conference, Mr. Martinus Pailus Hendricks – Training Director of Tan Cang – STC Human Resources Development LLC, which is a subsidiary of Saigon Newport Corporation also had the presentation about training programs in term of the  seaport operation, freight forwarding, logistics, shipping, shipping brokerage, customs clearances; equipment driving  … which had the attention of port leaders.

At the conference, all VPA’s member had raised a number of suggestions to authorities so as to create favorable conditions for port operation and development such as sooner to complete the management mechanism of seaport infrastructure for each area; clear mechanism in the provision of port fees; major plan for logistics development plan, multi – modal transportation aiming at strengtening the competitiveness with foreign countries; synchronization seaport development plan with road transportation planning…Beside that, the meeting also discussed the direction of coordination among port members to solve the common problems, successful achievement of the Association’s tasks, contributed to the development of Vietnam marine economy.
On this occasion, Vietnam Seaport Association has also agreed to admission of three new members into VPA which are PSTC Dinh Vu Port, BVC – MS Port, and Petec – Caimep Petrolium Port