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1. Shipper submits the written request  to move the container/containers  back which clearly specifies the reason of the case to the Shipping lines, Customs and Cat Lai port’s Operation on duty . This written request should be signed and sealed by the owner of the cargo.

2. Shipper get approval confirmation of Shipping lines (container operator) for this back move

3. Shipper goes to the container management division (Terminal/CY) to get confirmation about the location of container and the amount of   containers shifted  to get that container  out.

4. Shipper gets  confirmation that the container has not yet been registered into the vessel loading registration book or ask to delete  container out of  the loading registration book ( in case of container  having been registered)  at the  registration division for vessel loading.

5. Shipper gets  approval  of Customs office for  picking up export container out of port  

-          Supervision Customs

-          Supervision Customs Manager

-          Leader of Customs branch Saigon Port – Region 1 – Cat Lai

6. Shipper gets  approval  of Cat Lai Port’s Operation on duty

-          With the quantity of less than 3 containers: Operation on duty confirms.

-          With the quantity of  more than 3 containers: Operation on duty officer asks  Management Board of  Operation Center  for the solution

7. Shipper complete procedures at Documentation area, get EIR (Equipment Interchange Receipt) to pick up container.

      8. Shipper pick up the container from Cat Lai Port  by their own truck before EIR expiration.


-          Register via email address:  at least 4h before vessel arrival

-          Registration content: name, address, phone  number of company or requirement maker/ sender, container number, size, vessel name, voyage, arrival time, estimated container picking day, final destination, notes (if available)

-          Tel: 08 3742 234/153


Customer follows the steps as below:

1. In case customer would like to keep container stored at Cat Lai, he/she needs to submit all related documents and personal identification papers to Operation on duty to keep the container unpicked in the system. Upon checking, if the container has still been storing at Cat Lai, Operation on duty officer will do the unpicking remarks in the system as customer requirement.     

2. Customer submits the signed and sealed written request with clearly specified reasons to Customs and Cat Lai Port to require for the issuance of  EIR for the second time

3. Customer gets confirmation of Operation on duty about container location in the Port system

4. Customer get the   approval of Gate Customs for the re-issuing EIR.

5. Customer submits the written request to have the EIR re-issuance approved by the Customs at the Operation on duty to make procedures to allow the container to pick up in the system (If the step 1 has been done)

6. Customer submits the written request approved by relating Departments to the Documentation team to have the issuance of EIR for the second time

      7. Customer gets confirmation of Supervision Customs signed on the re-issued EIR.


1. Go to Registration Area of Goods management division at documentation area.

-          Registration time: at least 4h before ETA

-          Registration content: name, address, phone number of company or requirement maker/ sender, container number, size, vessel name,  voyage, arrival time, estimated container picking up day, final destination, CFS warehouse name

2. Regarding the  Forwarding companies, Logistics companies:  send registration email with subject “Requirement  for the direct movement container to CFS warehouse “ to Operation on duty

-          Registration time: at least 24h before ETA during working hours from Monday to Saturday

-          Registration content: vessel name, voyage, arrival time, container number, size, CFS warehouse name, Notes (if available)

-          Email:

-          Cat Lai Port denies to get information from personal emails at Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail,..​


Submit the stamped official written request  with the title “Invoice Adjustment” to Documentation Division at Room A200, Gate B Cat Lai Port (for  full containers) or the billing section of Tan Cang warehousing & transportation JS company (for  bulk cargoes)


You should have a written request specifying the reason of the late documentation and  full information of the shipment: bill number, vessel name, voyage number, arrival date, number of containers, container list to send to: Marketing Department, Saigon Newport Corporation, 722 Dien Bien Phu st, ward 22, HCMC.


After receiving the customer’s written request, the person in charge (P.I.C)  will find the  information about the customer and their throughput to see whether the customer is eligible for priority support or not. Then the information relating to the shipments will be checked (with the reference to the supports of the demurrage from the shipping lines). After that, the P.I.C will submit the request to the Marketing Management for approval. Usually, the feedback will be received within 1 or 2 days since the written request has sent.


Cat Lai port begins to receive the outbound shipment 7 days before the vessel arrival time (ETA).


​Send request to email: . The request must include the following information: summary of  the company of visitors, purpose of the visit,  detailed visit time ,  full names  and positions  list of the visitors, contact person (full name, telephone, email)Upon receiving the Email, the person in charge ( P.I.C) of Marketing Department of Saigon New Port Corporation will send the feedback  to the representative of the delegation.  You are kindly requested to register  at least 1 week  in advance and the time of visit should be  from Monday to Friday  during the working time. The maximum limit will  be done to the short registration (several hours in advance) or the request to visit SNP’s facilities on  Saturday, Sunday & Holidays.


- Checking information of LCL container move to Tan Cang & Cat Lai CFS Area:

Finding information on website:  to check container location in  each area

- Checking information of LCL cargo stuffed into Tan Cang & Cat Lai CFS Warehouse:

Finding information on website: to check LCL cargo as per  Container No/ Booking No stuffed into CFS Warehouse

Customers who are the  drivers coming to receive cargo directly at Cat Lai CFS Warehouse, can use mobile message to check LCL cargo in the inbound CFS Warehouse as follows:

SNP KHN <Container No> send to 8140

Ex: SNP KHN FCIU4222921 -> send to 8140