SNP PODCAST - General Customer Advisory June 2022


SNP PODCAST - General Customer Advisory June 2022

This Customer Advisory April 2022 will update you on the new services, policies and capabilities of the SNP system as follows:


Tan Cang- Cat Lai Terminal (TCCL) ensures stable and smooth operational activities before and after the Holiday period.

In order to ensure smooth operation and provide the best quality service for customers during the holidays, avoiding backlog, TCCL has maintained receiving ships, loading and discharging import and export cargo, receiving inbound and dropping off outbound containers smoothly:

SNP adjusts several policies in all premises
In the past time, SNP has focused on investing in upgrading container yards, infrastructure, and equipment to meet the demand and significant increase of the container volume at SNP’s premises. From May 1st, 2022, SNP adjusted the tariff at  some Terminals/ICDs  as follows:
  • Adjust stuffing/unstuffing reefers tariff in TCCL terminal: Details of tariff are shown in Appendix 01 of the Service Tariff at TCCL issued under Decision No. 1056/QD-TCg dated April 14, 2022. See details
  • Stuffing/Unstuffing Tariff in Tan Cang- Hiep Luc Depot: adjust tariff of on-yard container stuffing/unstuffing services; container transportation service (according to Decision No.105/TB-TCHL). See details
  • Tariff in 125 Terminal – TCCL: adjust tariff of on-yard container stuffing/unstuffing services; container transportation service (according to Decision No.43B/TCL-KHKD). See details
  • Tariff in Tan Cang – Nhon Trach ICD: adjust tariff (VAT included) of on-yard container stuffing/unstuffing services, terminal handling service (according to Decision No.43B/TCL-KHKD). See details
Capacity to receive bulk cargo, general cargo vessels of Tan Cang – Hiep Phuoc Terminal (TCHP)
With 420m berth length, located on Soai Rap river, Tan Cang – Hiep Phuoc Terminal is designed to accommodate vessels up to 50,000DWT (channel depth datum -11.3m). 
Especially, TCHP is equipped with 07 mid-stream operation buoys on the Soai Rap River, capable of receiving vessels from 30,000 tons to 40,000 tons and a cargo area of 17 hectares. The terminal is equipped with bulk cargo handling equipment such as Kocks and Liebeherr cranes (6 units);  Cranes, crawlers (05 units) with lifting capacity from 50 to 400 tons; Cables, spreaders specifically designed for loading and unloading bulk cargo. TCHP terminal has been implementing general cargo services for rice, fertilizer, iron and steel, plaster, cement, frozen tuna… and wind power projects, OOG cargo with a throughput of over 350,000 tons/year for major customers and partners such as Vinafood 1, Phu My Fertilizer, Ninh Binh Fertilizer, Southern Fertilizer, DAP Dinh Vu, Mekong logistics, Ton Hoa Sen, Ton Nam Kim, IPC…. After the port clusters in District 4, District 7, and Tan Thuan Port have to move to the South of the city, the TCHP terminal will become a convenient place and a crowded market for bulk carriers and domestic vessels. TCHP terminal can provide leasing bulk storage services, domestic container services, and forming a Logistics supply chain (Ship-port-warehouse-transportation-Customer).


TC-HICT adjusts drop-off time for export containers

In order to keep the Terminal's operations smooth and enhance service quality, TC - HICT adjusts drop-off time for export containers from June 1st, 2022: Export container drop-off for loading on vessels at TC-HICT within 07 days prior to vessel’s estimated time of arrival (ETA). See details

Tan Cang- Que Vo ICD (TCQV ICD) welcomes the first batch of import-export shipments cleared
On April 22nd, 2022, TCQV ICD welcomed the first batch of export containers of SITC cleared at TCQV ICD. SNP has completed the transport procedure of export containers  (independent transportation declaration) from Bac Ninh to Hai Phong port for loading. Not so long after, on May 6th, 2022, ICD Tan Cang Que Vo welcomed the first batch of  SITC import containers having   TCQV ICD as a final destination, completed all the procedures smoothly, and delivered to the customer’s factory in Quang Chau Industrial zone, Viet Yen Town, Bac Giang Province. Thereby, from now on, customers in Bac Ninh, Bac Giang provinces, and neighboring provinces can use TCQV ICD as a customs clearance point of the final destination. With attractive policies to support customers when using TCQV ICD as a final destination/drop-off outbound container, SNP has once again pioneered in offering multiple service options with customer-centric goals, accompanying customers and shipping lines in developing green logistics services in the region.
See details