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Congratulations Tan Cang maritime services (DVHH) over 10 years of establishment


Congratulations Tan Cang maritime services (DVHH) over 10 years of establishment

Celebrating 10 years of establishment of Tan Cang Maritime Services Joint Stock Company, the company was honored to receive the Third Class Labor Medal for the continuous efforts of the Board of Directors, officers and employees.

DVHH Company belongs to Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP). The main task is to provide towing services, navigate channels, bring ships to docks, and marine rescue activities.

Formerly a towing enterprise under SNP, DVHH has made an important transformation to affirm its independent business step by step investing and improving capacity in the right direction. From the first day of establishment, the company has owned a modern and full capacity Azimuth tugboat fleet in Vietnam.

With a wide area of operation in the port clusters in the Ho Chi Minh City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, Khanh Hoa and other southern ports. DVHH has towed over 10 years, ensuring absolute safety for nearly 120,000 ships (equivalent to 240,000 turns of tugboats) and other economic ships docked in port areas. The company also provides various other services, such as: towing services for oil tankers, passenger ships, drilling rigs, yachts, super-extended and super-weight cargo pontoons; supporting the launch of newly built watercraft such as ships and ferries at Vietnam's shipyards, putting them on mother ships for overseas transportation; fire fighting on rivers and seas, and successfully performed more than 300 marine rescues.

The results achieved in the past 10 years have confirmed that DVHH Company is the leading enterprise in Vietnam in towing and marine rescue, with outstanding service quality, contributing to brightening the brand "Saigon Newport Corporation” in the field of marine economic development associated with ensuring security and defense.