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“Human resource for sustainable port development" seminar organized by the ASEAN Port Association held in Vietnam


“Human resource for sustainable port development

In 2023, the “Human Resource for sustainable port development" seminar was hosted by the Vietnam Port Association (VPA) in coordination with Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP). The event took place on July 14, 2023, at Pullman Hotel, combining in-person and online participation. It brought together nearly 100 delegates from Vietnam and various countries in the region, along with approximately 200 online participants, including port enterprises, port authority officials, relevant government departments, and university professors. The seminar was honored to welcome representatives from the Vietnam Maritime Administration, Ba Ria Vung Tau province leaders, APEC ports, member ports of the ASEAN Ports Association, and the Vietnam Seaport Association. The speakers included experts in the field from both domestic and international backgrounds.. Delegates had the opportunity to listen to experts in the ports field, who shared their experiences in implementing green ports, digital ports, efficient port operation solutions, and effective human resources management methods to optimize port activities. The seminar aimed to prepare human resources for developing sustainable ports, addressing climate change and environmental protection.

Sustainable development - an inevitable trend in the port industry
Over 80% of global trade is transported by sea, but it has resulted in over a billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for nearly 3% of global emissions caused by human activities, primarily from the maritime transport sector. Ports serve as crucial gateways for transporting goods and services worldwide, meeting the demands of international trade and facilitating commerce between nations.
However, they are also significant contributors to environmental pollution. Therefore, developing sustainable ports has become a top priority, an essential trend not only for port operators but also governments and international associations. Leading port operators worldwide must ensure that their development, construction, and expansion processes are carefully planned and managed to minimize environmental impacts. In the future, ports in the Southeast Asia region will face increasingly stringent emission and pollution reduction regulations, not only from customers and shipping lines but also from destination ports in various regions worldwide.

Sustainable ports are defined as the strategies and activities a port undertakes to meet the current and future needs of those using it while protecting and sustaining human and natural resources. Its main purpose is to seek a safe, socially acceptable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly port management approach while at the same time maximizing profit.

Developing Human Resources for Sustainable Development of the Southeast Asian Ports

At this seminar, the speakers will focus on sharing important topics such as the implementation of a single-window maritime mechanism to reduce vessel berthing time at ports, the establishment of sustainable human resources for green ports that can adapt and thrive in the digital era, or shore power solutions to provide clean and sustainable energy for ports.
Leading experts in the field of ports in the Southeast Asian region will not only present research and effective solutions to create efficient working environments and enhance the competitive capacity of ports in the region but also share practical experiences being applied in their respective businesses.At this seminar, SNP has contributed effective measures that have been implemented and are currently being deployed to develop human resources for their green and smart port model.

The Human Resources Development Seminar in Vietnam is highly regarded
The discussion was lively, with questions raised for the speakers regarding their experiences in implementing the "ASEAN Single Window" system, the increasing risks faced by ports as they undergo digitalization while facing complex cyber attacks, risk mitigation solutions for cyber attacks, technical solutions to ensure the electrical system of ships upon arrival at the port and the transition to shore power, lean methods to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of port operations, and strategies to attract and retain high-quality workforce for sustainable port development.

The ASEAN Port Association appreciates the professionalism in organizing the seminar by the Vietnam Port Association. The format of combining in-person and online participation has allowed for valuable discussions and information sharing among port operators, relevant agencies in the port industry, and university professors specializing in the field. Delegates also had the opportunity to visit the deep-water ports in Cai Mep after the main seminar program and were impressed by the relatively stable growth of deep-water ports in Vietnam amidst the global economic challenges.

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