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Saigon Newport Sports Tournament 2024 - Journey of Pioneering and Connectivity


Saigon Newport Sports Tournament 2024 - Journey of Pioneering and Connectivity

For the first time, Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP) is organizing a Sports Tournament featuring marathon, badminton, soccer, and tennis tournaments, connecting "athletes" from the port and logistics industry. This sports event is an opportunity for participants to showcase their solidarity, enhance team spirit, and promote a healthy lifestyle, spreading the spirit of sports to the community. The 2024 Sports Tournament not only affirms SNP's commitment to connecting the logistics community domestically and internationally but also fosters a healthy and active lifestyle.

Saigon Newport Corporation pioneers connectivity and global integration at the 2024 Sports Tournament
In 2024, SNP marks a significant milestone – celebrating 35 years since its establishment (March 15, 1989 - March 15, 2024) and receiving the Hero of Labor title for the second time. The Sports Tournament is a special program within the framework of SNP's 35th anniversary activities. Over the 35-year journey of global reach and connection, SNP has strongly demonstrated its pioneering role in innovation, enhancing service quality, modernizing processes, and driving the overall development of the maritime economy and logistics sector in Vietnam.
In recent years, as a vital bridge maintaining seamless supply chains for Vietnamese products to global markets, SNP has organized various events such as workshops, seminars, industry exhibitions, and appreciation conferences. These events have always attracted significant participation and interest from businesses, relevant authorities, and industry associations both domestically and internationally, reaffirming SNP's responsibility and mission to promote and connect the development of the port and logistics sector.
Alongside industry-specific activities, annual sports events serve as an opportunity for networking, learning, and strengthening relationships between SNP and its customers, shipping lines, and industry partners. For the first time, SNP will host a series of sports events including running, badminton, football, and tennis tournaments, bringing together nearly 3000 "athletes" and participants from the maritime and logistics industry, both domestic and international, participating from June 30 to July 30.
Beyond being just a sports event series, this Sports Tournament underscores SNP's commitment to connecting the maritime and logistics community domestically and internationally. It serves as evidence of SNPs efforts to promote stronger bonds within the logistics community through the spirit of sportsmanship, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. SNP reaffirms its pioneering role in global connectivity and integration, not confined to specialized events but expanded through this unprecedented Sports Tournament with the largest scale to date.

Run As One – Running Together for a Sustainable Community
Run As One was first organized by SNP in 2023 and has quickly become one of the largest running events in the port operation and logistics community, attracting over 1,000 athletes.
With the message "Run As One", the SNP running event embodies the mission of connecting SNP's customers, partners, and friends without barriers, discrimination, or separation, ensuring no one is left behind. Running together, we are one! Each step, aligned with a common purpose and pioneering spirit, strengthens community bonds and builds a harmonious world that thrives on diversity and sustainable development.
This year, with an increased scale of nearly 1,500 athletes, Run As One 2024 promises moments of excitement, unity, and enthusiasm within the port operation and logistics community.
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Information about the Saigon Newport Sports Tournament 2024
The SNP Sports Tournament 2024 will kick off with the Run As One race, organized on June 30th at Sala Residence, Ho Chi Minh City. Following that, badminton, football, and tennis tournaments will be held on July 6th, 13th, and 20th, respectively.
Detailed information and results of the sports events will be updated on our fan page: Saigon Newport Corporation
Join SNP on our journey to fulfill the mission of pioneering and connecting!