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August 15,2022, SNP ePort mobile app officially launched, marks an essential step in the development process of Super Mobile App in the eSNP ecosystem-where customers can experience all the usefulness that Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP) brings.

Launched in 2016, ePort is an electronic portal utility that SNP built to support customers to look up information, declare container lifting/lowering procedures, and pay online container lifting/lowering fees. With the goal of constantly improving service quality and optimizing customer experience when using the service, the ePort application has been continuously upgraded and developed by SNP through the stages from Web platform to mobile devices mobile.

SNP ePort mobile interface on the app store
Following the trend of integrating the Super Mobile App and eSNP ecosystem, the SNP ePort application on mobile devices was officially launched to bring positive and useful experiences to users. After more than 10 months of research, integration and development, with the professional coordination between the project team and development partner Ban Vien, SNP ePort has made remarkable changes and upgrades:
  • New interface with simple and easy operation
  • Using technologies that are highly appreciated on the market today and used by many famous brands
  • Access speed is the same as the Web version
Fully developed 36 sets of feature groups, with 2 main feature groups: search and payment. Especially, the online check-in function is an outstanding advantage of the program to help drivers shorten the waiting time in front of the port. Watch more instructional video clips.”
SNP ePort mobile with outstanding features.

In addition to the same functions as the Website, extra utilities developed on SNP ePort Mobile promise to improve the customer experience:
  • Notification (bell), includes notification of policy and happy birthday to customers (currently only for drivers)
  • Integrate with Chatbot (FPT.ai) to quickly support customers on mobile phones.
  • Integrate with OCR, which reads Citizen Identity Card (CIC) when registering to create a Check-In account.
  • Integrate with Google Map to increase the accuracy of estimating the expected arrival time at the port.
  • Improve the information security of the application with centralized user management technology (Keycloak), new Rest API for authentication, technology to warn users when they log in to a new geographical location (maximized) and new password encryption rules.

To continue to improve and evaluate objectively, the first 20 enterprises used the features of the SNP Eport mobiles. The shipments have been declared by enterprises on SNP ePort Mobile and implemented the following features: EDO authentication, payment, declaration, online check-in, transport unit declaration, export ship registration, sealing/unsealing container registration… customers appreciate the convenience and outstanding utility of the new feature group. Thereby, the project team receives contributions from customers and perfects the SNP ePort application to become the best version.

Delegates push the official Golive button SNP ePort mobile app
 With the aim of becoming a utility application in the roadmap for building the eSNP ecosystem, the SNP ePort Mobile application is a testament to the fact that SNP is constantly innovating, always taking customers as the center, creating maximum benefits for customers, and affirming the role of a pioneering port and logistics operator in the application of technology to serve customers.

For more information of SNP ePort mobile, please contact:

Marketing Department - SNP

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Email: marketing@saigonnewport.com.vn