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Saigon Newport participated in the 11th worldwide conference of the world forwarder association - WCA


From 18th-22nd February 2019, the 11th Worldwide conference of the World Forwarder Association - WCA was taken place at the Suntec International Conference and Exhibition Center - Singapore..

Attending the conference there were more than 3,000 delegates representing forwarder and Logistics companies, from more than 140 countries around the world, with nearly 200 exhibition booths with total area ​​about 11,000m2.

From being founded in 1998 up to the present day, WCA has more than 7,000 members from 840 cities worldwide. This is a network of the world's largest forwarding companies which not only brings the benefits and business opportunities for WCA members but also creates opportunities for WCA members to build network to connect to optimize each other capacity on the world scale; shares information, experience and support each other to improve services, quickly access advanced technology applications in providing logistics service.

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The agenda of the conference include programs for more than 3,000 participants. Specialized seminars on "hot trends" issue and "one-one meetings" are always the focus and opportunity for participants to meet through WCA apps - mobile applications (there were more than 75,000 meetings between forwarders from around the world).

Participating in the WCA conference for the second time, SNP had a booth to introduce its brand, services to the forwarders in the world while looking for opportunities to expand cooperation and open abroad freight agency to complete the logistics chain and to enhance the position of SNP, SNP logistics and its subsidiaries in the international market.

The activities of SNP at the WCA Conference included: introducing of SNP, SNP Logistics services, network of facilities, services and business achievements; meeting with potential forwarders in foreign countries; attending seminars and scheduled programs of the Organizer. The forwarders and visitors, who visited SNP booth, were very impressed with the scale and achievements of SNP and evaluated SNP to be a strong, potential partner and were willing to cooperate with SNP

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On average, the E28 booth of SNP welcomed about 30 visitors/ day who looked for information and opportunities to cooperate with SNP. Through WCA's mobile Apps, the SNP delegation had more than 100 one-one meetings with potential partners who were trading with Vietnam. They all evaluated that SNP was a big and important partner, since SNP had a widespread port system and logistics infrastructure. In addition, the SNPL team actively arranged direct meetings with foreign agents in China-Vietnam-Southeast Asia to review the results and effectiveness of cooperation and to negotiate agency contracts, service contracts, specific contents of the contract in deploying services for solar power projects in Bac Ninh, Binh Thuan and Tay Ninh ... They also worked with customers for the bid in 2019: P&G, Cofco ... The members of the delegation also attended seminars related to the future and digitization of forwarding and logistics services, Carrier's Liability Insurance services, convenient payment method to reduced cost of payment such as: 

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Through such international forums, SNP continues to promote strongly and professionally the SNP brand worldwide; look for cooperation opportunities to expand business effectively basing on 3 core businesses: port operation, logistics services and sea transport and offshore services to maintain the position of leading port operator and logistics provider in Vietnam; to access and develop on a global scale.

Some images at the confirence:

Chụp ảnh kỉ niệm

Chụp ảnh kỉ niệm

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Hình ảnh gian hàng