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Tan Cang – 128 Terminal warmly greeting SV2 service line – Culines shipping lines


Tan Cang 128 - Hai Phong (TC 128) Joint Stock Company held a ceremony to welcome the SV2 service - the first service route of CUL shipping lines to dock at TC-128 port. This is a confirmation signal that TC-128 is increasingly showing its importance on the Vietnam Northside's economic map and its attraction to strategic partners.

On December 23, 2020, on the 76th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam People's Army Foundation as well as welcoming the new spring 2021, Deputy General Director of Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP), Senior Lieutenant Colonel, Mr. Bui Van Quy and General Director of China United Lines Vietnam (CUL) - Mr. Daniel Tang, together with the Board of Directors, officers and employees of TC 128 Port, formally held a ceremony to welcome the arrival of SV2 - the first service line of CUL at TC-128. This is a confirmation signal that TC-128 is increasingly showing its importance on the North’s economic map and its attraction to strategic partners.

The “FAREAST GRACE “ship has a capacity of 525 Teu, docked at TC 128 Terminal port, carrying 132 containers of imported cargo (~ 205 Teu) from Shenzhen port, China, with the voyage route TC 128- Nansha- Shekou.

Mr. Daniel Tang, General Director of CUL, said: “CUL Shipping Company is very pleased to reach a consensus in cooperation with SNP. The opening of the SV2 service not only plays an important role in the implementation of CUL's service route in Vietnam but also is a breakthrough for ports in the SNP system in the North.” He believes that in the near future when the epidemic is under control and the rapid development of the Vietnamese economy, CUL, and SNP will surely reach even more brilliant achievements by 2021. 

With the strategic location connecting the economic triangle of Hai Phong - Hanoi - Quang Ninh, from the early days of its establishment, TC 128 has been in the direction of SNP in building a cluster of ports and large warehouses at Hai Phong. Until now, SNP has 03 port facilities here, including TC128, TC189, and Tancang- Hai Phong International Container Terminal (TC - HICT) which is the first and largest deep-water port in the North. In addition, there are also backend logistics facilities such as ICD - TC Que Vo, TC- Ha Nam, TC- Hai Phong, which are connected into a complete system of both waterway and road transportation.

 SNP's development strategy has been oriented and implemented methodically. The fact that an international shipping company like CU Lines trusts and applies TC128's service is a testament to that practice. Even more so, TC 128 connects to Tancang - Hai Phong International Container Terminal (TC HICT) to become an extended CY that will provide customers with more options in container handling and optimization of customs procedures. In addition, the 4 member facilities of SNP: TC 128 - TC 189 - TC HICT and ICD TC Hai Phong operating with the same Dinh Vu Customs Branch are of great significance in facilitating the transfer of import-export goods circulation between affiliated establishments and reduce the number of procedures, time, and costs for customers when they need to perform transactions at SNP's affiliated establishments in Hai Phong.