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Tan Cang Mien Trung – Increase in competitiveness, logistics services expansion and vesels handling capacity


Tan Cang Mien Trung – Increase in competitiveness, logistics services expansion and vesels handling capacity

The end of 2020 could not be better with the opening of the new year official contract of deploying CHX- service route of CMA CGM at Tan Cang Mien Trung Port (TCMT), marking the return of re-operating container ships after nine years. Successfully deploying port to door, door to door logistics services, TCMT has proved its efforts through challenging conditions, to increase competitiveness and diversification in port operation activities.

The planning of safely handling and operating the CMA CGM container ship and preparation to welcome the cattle ships of Dien Hong Gia Lai and Thilogi.

In 2020, TCMT’s activities met with numerous difficulties in terms of facilities, limited equipment, disadvantaged infrastructure, fierce competition in service quality and regional market, the lasting of Covid-19, and damage from the new historic flood…

TCMT truly feel the sense of what it meant to be a member of Saigon Newport Corporation’s system - for the support and cooperation of all functional units and departments through and through. An A-team of nearly 20 members was mobilized from the Port Operation Center, Technical and Mechanic, 22/12 worker unit, Marketing Department was presented at TCMT. Just within 05 days to set up the TTOS system, train business staff, port operation, technical and mechanic team, to operate side by side in the handling of the CMA CGM’s vessel. Along with the vessel reception, TCMT successfully persuaded customers who have livestock-carrying ships to use the port’s services such as Dien Hong Gia Lai, Gia Lai Livestock and Thilogi.
With the relentless efforts from the Board of Directors, workers, and employees, TCMT Port has completed the production and business plan for 2020 on December 15, 2020, 15 days in advance. Just one month from November 23 to December 23, TCMT port received 2 cow ships with 5,466 cows, released 4 trial container ships in the CMA, and ensure safety, increased productivity with 379 containers (706 teus). In order to meet the requirements of shipping lines and customers, TCMT has also equipped 1 forklift and 64 reefer inputs per commitment. This is the foundation for the growth of reefer container exports in the central region of Vietnam.

As an important link in the port and logistics service chain, TCMT coordinated to provide services to key project clients such as Hong Phong Solar Power Project in Binh Thuan, Thuan Nam 2 & 3 Project; Thanh An 01 project for customers BIP shipping; door-door service for AMACCAO Company; package service for Minh Duong Nhon Hoi company, ...

From the achievements achieved in 2020 and being aware of new opportunities and challenges in 2021, TCMT is determined to overcome challenges with solidarity, continuous development of internal resources, striving to complete their graduation, production, and business services, ensuring growth targets compared to 2020 through identifying directions and solutions to increase the capacity of Logistics infrastructure and deploying chain services, new services, and associated services. port. TCMT has set a target to be a strong connection point for goods in the Central region, helping to improve the North-Central-South port and logistics system of SNP.