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SNP PODCAST - General Customer Advisory April 2022


SNP PODCAST - General Customer Advisory April 2022

This Customer Advisory April 2022 will update you on the new services, policies and capabilities of the SNP system as follows:

Operations announcement during holidays at Tan Cang - Cat Lai Terminal (TCCL) and Tan Cang - Hiep Phuoc Terminal (TCHP)

To ensure smooth operations at SNP during Victory Day (30th April) and Labor Day (1st May) in 2022, SNP hereby advises our operational plans at our terminals which include TCCL Terminal and TCHP Terminal as follows: >>Read more details
Official holidays: 04 (four) days (from Saturday, 30th April 2022 to Tuesday, 03rd May 2022).

Updating SNP's capacity for reefer container operations

Recently, SNP has implemented various solutions and policies to ensure the stable and smooth operation of reefer containers as follows:
Adopt the time-saving automatic reefer container status monitoring system (ARMS) for the container's condition inspection. All parameters will be automatically sent to the shipping line 02 hours after dropping off the container onto the yard.
Encourage customers to drop off reefer containers for loading 08-12 hours prior to the cut-off time.
Encourage customers and shipping lines to use SNP premises for the reefer services such as Tan Cang - My Thuy depot (TCMT), Tan Cang - Nhon Trach ICD (TCNT ICD), Tan Cang - Long Binh ICD (TCLB ICD); redirect some vessels to TCHP, transfer and release empty containers to TCNT ICD; promote the delivery/receipt of reefer containers directly at Terminals in Cai Mep (TCIT, TCTT), TCHP, and TC Cai Cui (Mekong Delta).

To limit the arising cost as well as reduce the waiting time, SNP would like the shipping lines/ consignees and shippers to implement the following suggestions:
For shipping lines:
Update regularly and timely customers and SNP on the delayed vessel schedule (if any).
Strictly monitor the overbook volume of reefer shipments on each voyage. 
Enhance utilization of other SNP's alternatives premises for outbound laden reefer containers.

For Customers:
Actively follow and update the actual vessel arrival schedule from the shipping lines. 
SNP refuses to serve customers who intentionally drop- off laden containers for the incorrect vessel and change the booking to other vessels later on.
Consider dropping off export containers directly at TCIT and TCTT in the Cai Mep area.
Customers in the Mekong Delta with large shipments should consider using Tan Cang Cai Cui Terminal in Can Tho to drop off laden reefer containers.
Before dropping off laden containers at TCCL/TCHP Terminals, please contact the Customer Service Center at 18001188.

Notice related to Shanghai city lockdown
Chinese authorities announced that they would extend lockdowns in Shanghai City to prevent the Covid-19 outbreak. This pandemic prevention measure will impact the volume throughput in Shanghai ports and other ports in China. Aiming to minimize the ports' congestion as well as optimize the shipping lines' container operations, SNP would like to recommend and look forward to receiving the cooperation from shipping lines as follows:
  • Regularly update information related to Shanghai port and other ports' operations and cargo clearance procedures in China before issuing booking reservations through SNP's facilities.
  • Please provide and update the vessel handling schedule if there are any changes with ETA as soon as possible.
  • Please consider carefully before issuing bookings for reefer, oversize and dangerous cargoes (IMDG) that will be discharged in Shanghai and Shekou ports.
  • We look forward to receiving your sharing and information via e-mail:
    • berthingplan@saigonnewport.com.vn; vessleplan@saigonnewport.com.vn;
    • qhht.marketing@saigonnewport.com.vn
Specific regulations for vessels with LOA from 195m to 230m navigating at night on the Soai Rap channel

According to Notice No. 71/TB-CVHHTPHCM dated January 27, 2022, of the HCMC Maritime Administration, vessels whose LOA from 195m to 230m, and a draft from 10m to 10.5m will be allowed to navigate at night on the Soai Rap channel (from the confluence of Vam Co river to berth at TCHP and vice versa), mandatory with a channel-clearing speed-boat and an over 2,000 horsepower tugboat.
With this new regulation, shipping lines can take advantage of the high tides during daytime and high water current at night to increase the total loading volume when calling TCCL/TCHP Terminals while maintaining safe navigation on the channel, effectively shortening the waiting time for berthing and departure. This is an excellent opportunity for shipping lines to restore long-term services with irregular or currently suspended callings, and plan new services deployment at TCHP.

Berthing window availability at the SNP's Terminals
Currently, the berthing window availability at the SNP's Terminals such as TCHP, TCTT, TC-HICT, TC-128, TC-189 is as follows:

SNP's oversized/overweight and project cargo handling capability:
Accompanying the renewable energy projects, typically solar and wind power projects, in the past time, Saigon Newport Logistics Service Center (SNPL) - a unit of the SNP has successfully provided logistics services for many OOG/project cargo. Thereby affirming the capacity and position of SNP. 
The Capacity profile of SNP's system

Notice of unit price adjustment in transportation services in 2022
To maintain a smooth connection between the port system and ICD, contributing to reducing pressure on TCCL along with ensuring production and business' stability, we would like to announce the unit price adjustment in the transportation services in 2022 as follows:
  • Notice of unit price adjustment in transportation services between TCCL -TCHP and associated ports/ICDs. See details
  • Notice of unit price adjustment for the transfer of dangerous goods (IMDG) between the central delivery/receiving area and the storage yard of the relevant IMDG area. See details