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Tan Cang – Long Binh ICD: “Friendly cooperation & Customer connection”


Over 3 years operating logistics service, Tan Cang – Long Binh ICD understands the important role of contribution from customers and partners to the development of the company. With more than 50 clients including Forwarding, Transport, Trading, Manufacture companies and Shipping Lines, Tan Cang – Long Binh ICD become ideal destination and strategic partner to domestic and foreign enterprises.

Together with developing warehousing services from Bonded warehouse, distribution warehouse, CFS warehouse, cold/cool warehouse, DG warehouse, Tan Cang – Long Binh ICD is rushing to cooperate in various fields and with different customers in order to develop Long Binh ICD as the biggest Logistics Park. It will be considered as the important background supporting for Ports system in Ho Chi Minh City and Cai Mep – Thi Vai (in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province).

Clients are the friends who always accompany with Long Binh ICD. The company is actively cooperating with customers in every step of the operation process.  And we do focus on Customer Service, which enable customers to get support from the beginning to an end. Smiling becomes the way we maintain Enterprise Culture, which brings the friendly and open working environment. 

To reach the business target, we realize development of human resource takes very essential role. Our staff are considered as the members of one family who are always shoulders by shoulders to fulfill our business goal. Friendly cooperation is always our motto in every step in operations. We are always willing to share and support our staff whenever they are in trouble. As a result, we hope Tan Cang – Long Binh ICD is considered as their second home where they can contribute at their utmost for common goal.

In today’s economy context, managing information flow is essential. We realize that it is important to building up multidimensional information to meet the demand from customers. Through investing in warehouse management system (WMS) and Container management system (CMS), currently customers can access directly with database instead of doing manually as before, which saves the time for transaction and creates convenient and friendly software for users. In addition, we also set up Hotline 24/7 as the channel to get customer feedback in time. We commit wherever and whenever you are, we are ready to listen to you  and give  proper solutions for what you care for.

With various provided services to different clients and with strategic location of a big logistics park, we do hope Tan Cang - Long Binh ICD to become a connecting channel for trading companies, forwarding companies, financial services, banking service, Customs and Shipping lines to connect with each other in developing logistics here.