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Tan Cang – Long Binh ICD: Close to the environment and community.


Protecting the environment is the core duty and important for firm development of a country, and also is urgent problem of the businesses nowadays. Therefore, each business should identify the specify direction and take actions to protect the environment.

Being one of leading Logistics hub in Dong Nai and the South of Vietnam, Tan Cang – Long Binh ICD always concentrate on building the spacious infrastructure and making the green-clean-nice environment as well as the friendly and professional working surroundings with the customers, with below specific ways:
  • Making the specific plan and activities in order to protect the environment. Concretizing the content, solution, and assigning duties to individual and team.
  • Strictly on controlling and overseeing and periodically reporting on protecting the environment of concerned division.
  • Taking strict actions against regulations of protecting environment law.
  • Allocating area to bury the solid waste and the water processing system; dredging the frequently. 
  • Improving education of the individual and team, increasing awareness of implementing environment protection law for community and businesses.