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Deploying logistics service for Southeast Asia's largest solar power project, second largest in the world


On 25th June 2020, Saigon New Port Logistics (SNPL) participated and won a bid to provide logistics services in Xuan Thien power project - Xuan Thien solar power plant cluster project in Ia Lop commune, Ea Sup district, Dak Lak province. .

The project cluster has a total capacity of 600MW / 830MWp with a total investment of 15,400 billion VND, the scale of implementation includes 05 component projects: Xuan Thien Ea Sup 1 Solar Power Plant project with a capacity of 100MW, total investment of 2,568 billion VND invested by Ea Sup 1 JSC; Xuan Thien Ea Sup 2 Solar Power Plant project with a capacity of 100MW, total investment of 2,564 billion VND invested by Ea Sup 2 JSC; Xuan Thien Ea Sup 3 Solar Power Plant Project with a capacity of 100MW, total investment of 2,567 billion VND invested by Ea Sup 3 JSC; Xuan Thien Ea Sup 4 Solar Power Plant project with a capacity of 150MW, total investment of 3,891 billion dong invested by Ea Sup 4 Joint Stock Company; Xuan Thien Ea Sup 5 Solar Power Plant project with a capacity of 150MW, total investment of 3,848 billion VND invested by Ea Sup 5 JSC. With said construction design capacity, the project is considered as the largest solar power project in Southeast Asia and the second largest in the world.

Currently, the factory has completed the installation of piles to install the rack for the entire design area for 5 sites, complete wire mesh fence, with a circumference of 50km…. The construction unit is installing the racks supporting the panels in the subdivisions, and it is expected to be in parallel with the panels installation when the import procedures are completed, and the equipment is brought to the construction site. 

At this project, SNP Logistics will provide the following services: (i) Declare customs procedures for importing equipment; (ii) Transporting goods from Cat Lai Port (District 2, Ho Chi Minh City) to the project (Ia Lop Commune, Ea Sup District, Dak Lak Province), estimated transport distance is about 400 km, of which over 100 km is a hill road; (iii) Loading/unloading at the base of the project (5 sites as required by the project site coordinator). Goods and equipment for solar power plant construction include mainly solar panels packed in imported 40 feet containers, with a total output of over 3,000 containers, of which, the unit will ensure the expected 40 containers / day delivered to the factory, implementation scheduled from July to October 2020. Currently, the unit has officially deployed the service and handed over the first packages to the factory, directly installing the first panels for the project which has the scale and capacity is of South East Asia’s as well as in this world’s.

La Lop Commune - the place where power plants are built - is a new economic commune of Ea Sup district adjacent to the Cambodian border, with a very harsh climate and land, but with a good potential for solar power with flat terrain, large area, little population, good heat radiation. Therefore, despite many difficulties in organizing the implementation of the project, the coming together of SNP Logistics employees in providing a number of services to build the Xuan Thien solar power project, has an important meaning in helping to stabilize economic life for farmers who are facing many difficulties in the locality, jointly promoting the development of renewable energy to replace other non-renewable power sources.

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