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Tan Cang Logistics (TCL) deploys LCL consolidation service


Tan Cang Logistics (TCL) is one subsidiary of Saigon Newport Corp.- the leading terminal operator in Vietnam. Since September 2012, we have deployed the LCL container consolidation service (dry cargo) transported by sea and air to Singapore, Thailand, Europe, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Cambodia, South Korea, Dubai, USA, etc. particularly, we stuff the cargo for the services on Wednesday and Friday weekly to Singapore and Shanghai.

Tan Cang Logistics (TCL) was established in 2006. During the past time, we have constantly improved, grown and expanded our services. Currently, TCL operates as a highly reputable and reliable business in the areas of container handling, depot operation, package stuffing/unstuffing services, freight forwarder services and customs declaration. With LCL consolidation service, we deployed the first LCL container to Singapore on 24th September, coming to the service of TCL, you can be assured with our services for the following reasons:
  • The safest quality, fastest time with the most competitive prices.
  • We receive the cargoes even outside working hours
  • We have good system of the warehouses in Tan Cang and Cat Lai terminal which belong to SNP
  • Goods information updated regularly to the customers
  • Commitment on the best CFS price
  • Customer Support 24/24
For further information please contact:

Logistics department-Tan Cang Logistics

Customer Service: 08 38992341                Fax: 08 38992330
Email: lcl@saigonnewport.com.vn