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Tan Cang Logistics - For customers are the commitment, for services are the quality excellence


As the one of the subsidiaries of Saigon Newport, Tan Cang Logistic (TCL) leads the way in many areas of business in order to provide and develop new services. At the present time, TCL offers services such as: stevedoring, empty containers, stuffing and unstuffing, bulk cargo, and logistic service. Passing many difficulties and challenges, TCL always appreciate the trust from customers, partners, and shipping lines. TCL operation and growth are always going together with customer's co-operation & support.

Recognizing the customer's demand in domestic and international market, Tan Cang Logistic aims to provide services done in a professional, diligent way to meet increasing demands of customers. The company is strongly growing thanks to the experienced staff, partnership with many shipping lines, advantages of port location, and modern facilities. The mission of the board of directors is "For customers is   the commitment, for services is the quality excellence".

In 2013, Tan Cang Logistic continues listening to feedbacks, recognizing the needs as well as understanding the difficulties from customers. The board of director and staff of Tan Cang Logistic undertake to improve service quality endlessly, ensure quick deliver/receipt of cargo, cost saving, risk reduce in transport, enhance the responsibilities, serve customers with the most commitment to keep the implicit trust of customers for SNP in general & TCL in particular. TCL believes that the customers trust is the motivation to help us pass all the challenges and accompany with customers to the road of success.