Operation News

TCL continues enhancing service quality.


May 11, 2013 is the date which marked the seven years of establishment and operation of Tan Cang Logistics and Stevedoring Joint Stock Company (TCL). Looking back to the past, the Party Committee, Board of Directors, and all employees of the company are very proud to overcome many challenges. Each individual fully understand that TCL can make these achievements, stability and growth thanks to the strong support from our customers, and "Advanced Quality of Service" is the way to get more support.

In the difficult economic context, competitiveness is essential to attract customers, and also an opportunity  for each enterprise to improve and strengthen its position – TCL always makes the  full assessment so as to enhance its capability, competitiveness, investment & business strategy, and especially to focus on the  service quality improvement.
The Board of Directors and all the employees of TCL are well aware of the benefits of continuously improving the service quality. This is an important motto in the operation of TCL which helps TCL to strengthen its competitiveness and to create the differentiation of TCL in customers’ mind. TCL always aims at sustaining the current customers, meeting the customers’ demands satisfactorily to increase the number of loyal customers, attracting potential customers and reducing the operation costs for the company. Never be fixed in a strain form, TCL always has “the way” to serve and improve the quality of many types of our services which has been found the most suitable for each. At the moment, TCL provides many types of services: the supply chain logistics, stuffing and unstuffing services at Berth 125, Nhon Trach Berth, stevedoring service, M & R & depot services…. These varied services are the favorable advantages for the company to meet different customer sources and at the same time, this is also the factor requiring TCL to have  timely and  full  response to meet this variety.
Recently, TCL has made efforts to upgrade facilities at stuffing and unstuffing stations, applying more conveyor belt for rice stuffing to meet the growing needs of the market. Currently, the stuffing and un-stuffing area at station 125 in Cat Lai terminal is able to stuff over 200 rice containers/day- doubled in compared to those of the same period last year. The operation of receiving barges has been also improved reasonably. At the depot area, TCL has been constantly improving M & R services quality, following FIFO and investing more equipments to enhance loading/ unloading capacity. The trust of the customers has been reflected in the increase of output and the company revenue in the first 5 months of 2013.
Our success today has been made thanks to the proper investment and operation of the company. This success has also demonstrated the customers’ satisfaction on the TCL services as well as the TCL motto: “For customers is the dedication, For services is the best quality”.