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Tan Cang P6 ship timely rescues crew member from Wanhai 367


Tan Cang P6 ship timely rescues crew member from Wanhai 367

On January 2nd, Tan Cang P6 ship successfully rescued Wang Zongbin, a Chinese national born in 1974, who experienced acute appendicitis aboard the Wanhai 367 vessel. The crew member was safely transferred ashore and handed over to Wanhai's representative for medical assistance.

At 10:00 am, a critical incident unfolded on the Singapore-flagged Wanhai 367 vessel, voyaging from Malaysia to Hai Phong. Positioned 25 nautical miles from Vung Tau's sea entrance, the crew discovered a member experiencing alarming symptoms of appendicitis. Swiftly, the Wanhai 367 vessel and its shipping agent reached out to Tan Cang Pilot, urgently seeking assistance to evacuate the distressed crew member for immediate medical attention.
The Tan Cang P6 ship rescued sailor Wang Zongbin

Responding promptly to the distress call, Tan Cang P6, an integral part of Tan Cang Pilot managed by Saigon Newport Corporation, immediately diverted its course from routine operations. Its primary objective: to extend urgent aid to the troubled crew member aboard the Wanhai 367 vessel.

By 11:55 am, Tan Cang P6 had maneuvered close to the Wanhai 367 vessel, executing a meticulous retrieval of the injured crew member. Wang Zongbin, upon boarding the Tan Cang P6 vessel, was promptly provided with accommodation and received immediate, comprehensive medical care from the proficient crew.

By 12:45 pm on the same day, Tan Cang P6 successfully docked at Cau Da Port in Vung Tau City, ensuring the safe handover of the injured crew member to Wanhai's representative for further medical assistance. This meticulous process guaranteed the crew member's continued care and well-being. Following this humanitarian mission, Tan Cang P6 swiftly resumed its scheduled maritime duties, aligning with its operational plan.