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Tan Cang Moc Bai Dry Port (ICD) - A milestone in system expansion, bringing port closer to customers. A complete logistics solution for cargo in Tay Ninh province and Vietnam - Cambodia border area


Tan Cang Moc Bai Dry Port (ICD) - A milestone in system expansion, bringing port closer to customers. A complete logistics solution for cargo in Tay Ninh province and Vietnam - Cambodia border area

The status of exporting – importing market between Vietnam – Cambodia and the transportation of cargoes

According to the survey done by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Cambodia, the trade turnover between two countries has increased by 4.77 billion dollars over the past 9 months, an increase of 3 percent over the same period in 2022. Currently, Vietnam is Cambodia’s third largest international trading counterpart (after China and the USA) and Cambodia’s second largest exporting market (after the USA). The above indicators show Cambodia is not only a close neighbor, but also the largest trading partner of Vietnam.
Mr. Vo Duc Trong - Permanent Vice Chairman of the Tay Ninh Provincial People's Committee, delivered remarks at the ceremony

Trading items of two countries are diverse, for the direction from Cambodia to Vietnam includes paddy, rice, rubber, cashew nuts, cassava, corn, bananas, mangoes and natural resources, etc… and in return, there are products such as iron and steel, fertilizer, petroleum and machinery equipment. The above items require the high quality of goods’ preservation in containers. However, the infrastructure for exchanging commodities between these two nations is not proportional to the potentiality. 

A manufacturing factory in the Special Economic Zone (Special Economic Zone - SEZ) of Qilu Cambodia, who wants to export goods via port in Ho Chi Minh City, will need to spend about 12-14 hours to pick up empty containers, stuff, and transport laden containers for unloading at the Ho Chi Minh City area, whereas long-distance transporting to collect and return containers is one of the difficult problems. In addition, traveling long distances through many routes, which has curfew for container trucks, traffic jams, border gates closing after 10:00 p.m., and limited quality of empty containers, making supply chain operations more challenging. Furthermore, the lack of centralized customs clearance points for cargo in transit complicates customs procedures and lacks coordination between the two countries' customs. The difficult issues raised affect the cargo transferring process of exporters on Cambodia's side, while the commodities have a high shipping standard for speed and quality of preservation.

Solutions for Tan Cang Moc Bai Dry Port (ICD):

As a unit with experience in years in port operation and logistics, SNP always goes along with customers, shipping lines, constantly strives to develop and improve the quality of services, expanding the infrastructure to provide clients with the most optimal logistics solutions. Predicting potentialities and difficulties of enterprises in the Vietnam – Cambodia borderline region, SNP implements the project of Tan Cang Moc Bai Dry Port (ICD) located in the economic zone of Moc Bai international border gate, in Loi Thuan commune, Ben Cau district, Tay Ninh province, with the total area of 16,52 hectares.
Mr. Ngo Minh Thuan, President of Saigon Newport Corporation, delivered the opening speech    

Tan Cang Moc Bai Dry Port (ICD) has been getting invested and built with high standards and full of departments: container yard, CFS area, control, parking and storage, etc… and modern equipment including 03 RTG 6+1 cranes, 5 laden reach stackers/empty handlers, 50 tractors/trailers. Tan Cang Moc Bai Dry Port (ICD) will provide full services as follows: 
  • Checking and completing customs procedures for outbound-inbound cargoes by container.  
  • Temporary warehouse for storing outbound-inbound goods and containers. 
  • Repairing and maintaining empty containers.  
  • Delivering other commodities (bulk cargo, general cargo…) 
  • Consolidating and dividing LCL goods with common owner (LCL goods) in the same container.  
  • Stuffing and unstuffing out of container. 
  • Transporting containerized goods from Dry Ports to seaports, and vice versa. 
  • Receiving and sending goods transported by container.  
Mr. Bui Hai Duong, Director of Tan Cang Tay Ninh JSC, shared insights into the functions and benefits of the Tan Cang Moc Bai Dry Port (ICD)

Enterprises in industrial parks in Tay Ninh province and neighboring areas, Vietnam border cargo trading enterprises - CPC can now return empty ones at Tan Cang Moc Bai Dry Port (ICD), and the amount of returned empty containers will be repaired, promoted and reused for other exporters create a cost-effective and time-efficient logistics chain Businesses with a demand of stuffing and unstuffing both bulking and LCL (Less than container loaded) commodities now have a centralized receiving point with yards and warehouses near the international border gate for Additionally, empty containers in Tan Cang Moc Bai Dry Port (ICD) will help factories in Cambodia be more proactive in operating the supply chain, helping address the issue of stuck vehicles in your country after 10 p.m or some roads with curfew. Therefore, shorten the processing time, creating a comprehensive, cost-saving and sustainable logistics chain.
Various delegates attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the Tan Cang Moc Bai Dry Port (ICD)

As a central customs clearance point, enterprises can recently complete customs documentation at Tan Cang Moc Bai Dry Port (ICD), shorten the process of customs clearance at border gates and seaports, and improve the efficiency of outbound-inbound cargos’ inspection of the Customs Department between Vietnam and Cambodia. Moreover, when shipping lines open destination points at ICDs, clients can buy sea freight combined with multimodal transport methods (sea and road) directly to and from Tan Cang Moc Bai Dry Port (ICD), making customs procedures simpler.

Sometimes, when cargo have a high demand for customs clearance, seaports are limited in the size of storage area, the appearance of Tan Cang Moc Bai Dry Port (ICD) with an enormous and wide space of container yard and full of customs functions will assist as the main port. Thus, congestion and waiting time at seaports for procedures will be addressed, helping promote international trade and making it easier for domestic merchants to approach the foreign market.  
The cooperation agreement between JCC and TCTN

The cooperation agreement Happy Group Vietnam and TCTN

Thus, after Tan Cang Moc Bai Dry Port (ICD) comes into operation, a factory in Qilu SEZ Cambodia, which wants to export goods through Cat Lai port, can pick up empty containers from Tan Cang Moc Bai Dry Port (ICD) and shorten the processing time from 5-7 hours, thereby helping enterprises save a lot of logistics costs. However, this solution also requires cooperation and support from shipping lines through opening empty codes at Tan Cang Moc Bai Dry Port (ICD).
Tan Cang Tay Ninh JSC contributed to the fund for the impoverished in Ben Cau district

Saigon Newport Corporation contributed to the fund for the impoverished in Tay Ninh province
The Ground Breaking Ceremony of Tan Cang Moc Bai Dry Port (ICD) is an important milestone for Saigon Newport Corporation in expanding the system and developing the SNP ecosystem. The event also affirmed the pioneering role of Saigon Newport Corporation in implementing comprehensive - economical and sustainable logistics solutions for enterprises in Tay Ninh and Vietnam-Cambodia border region in particular, and enterprises in both 2 countries in general. The ceremony again demonstrates the motto "Bringing ports closer to customers", putting customers at the center of the Corporation's development strategy, affirming the mission of connecting and circulating trades, the role and responsibility of Saigon Newport Corporation – 7 times in a row achieving National Brand and 2 times receiving the title “Labor Hero in the Innovation Era” Enterprise.