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Bac Ninh Customs Department cooperates with Saigon Newport Cooperation holding the Enterprises Dialogue Conference in 2022


Bac Ninh Customs Department cooperates with Saigon Newport Cooperation holding the Enterprises Dialogue Conference in 2022

On March 11th 2022, Bac Ninh Customs Department cooperate with Saigon Newport Cooperation holding the Enterprises Dialogue Conference 2022 at Kinh Bac Cultural Centre, Bac Ninh City

On March 11, 2022, at Kinh Bac Cultural Center, Bac Ninh city, Bac Ninh province, Bac Ninh Customs Department cooperated with Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP) to organize the "Enterprises Dialogue Conference 2022” with the goal of updating information on new policies, discussing solutions to support businesses in the area under the management of Bac Ninh Customs Department (including Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, and Thai Nguyen) in order to constantly reform administrative procedures and support and create favorable conditions for businesses.
On this occasion, SNP collaborates in the conference to propose and introduce green logistics solutions relating to Tan Cang - Que Vo ICD and the Que Vo – Hai Phong inland waterway transport connection route with the purpose of "bringing ports closer to the factory", helping businesses in the region save costs, time, be more proactive and convenient in forwarding procedures, contributing to promoting import and export activities.

The conference caught the attention of more than 600 delegates, representing businesses located in 3 provinces (Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Thai Nguyen), together with representatives of departments and agencies under the General Department of Customs. In the context of the complicated escalation of the pandemic, the form of face-to-face and online dialogue was applied for the first time, demonstrating the flexibility and creativity of the hosts to ensure timely updates to businesses while ensuring pandemic prevention regulations.
Figure 1. Conference’s overview

The Northern region is witnessing impressive developments in recent years, specifically with the throughput of container cargo at Hai Phong port cluster achieving an average growth of 15% in the past 5 years. According to international forecasters, thanks to the ability to control the Covid-19 epidemic well, the above output figure will increase thanks to FDI inflows. As of December 31th 2021, in the regions Bac Ninh Customs Department manages, there are 162 newly licensed FDI projects; 156 projects adjusted in scale, with registered capital of 2.98 billion USD; accounting for 12.2% of the total nation-wide investment. In the past year of 2021, the import-export container output of the provinces under the management of Bac Ninh Customs Department reached over 1.7 million TEUs, accounting for over 37% of the total regional output., making the triangle of 3 provinces become the leading investment attraction of the country.
Currently, in the Northern region, the mode of transportation from the factory to the port and vice versa is road transport – occupying up to 98% of the market share. This causes an overload for the road system, cost burden for businesses in remote provinces when they have to directly deliver and receive cargo at Hai Phong port cluster as well as other environmental problems due to the high level of discharge. Viet Nam has signed an international commitment to combating climate change and reducing CO2 emissions. Manufacturers, carriers, and importers-exporters need to choose a new and more environmentally-friendly transporting method. This is also a way to cut down logistics costs, increase proactivity in cargo coordination, ensure a smooth supply chain as well as import and export plans, especially during peak times when the cargo volume increases.
Figure 2. Director of Bac Ninh Customs Department gives speech in Conference.

Director of Bac Ninh Customs Department Tran Duc Hung also shared: In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Customs authority has implemented many effective solutions to support production and business operation related to import and export activities.
In which, Bac Ninh Customs Department actively and flexibly proposed to build and deploy groups of solutions to organize and operate, arrange human resources to ensure customs clearance of cargo, etc. Many solutions were proposed by Bac Ninh Customs Department. The implementation has been replicated to other localities, including measures to support businesses in carrying out procedures 24/7.

Forecasting for 2022 and the following years to be with difficulties and challenges, however, the three provinces of Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, and Thai Nguyen confidently continue to attract FDI projects with a sharp increase in quantity and quality, this proves the huge importance of improving the business investment environment. Right from the beginning of 2022, Bac Ninh Customs Department has developed a very specific plan and action program to support businesses with import and export activities through the province.

As a companion at the conference, SNP introduced to the participants the solution of barge transportation at Tan Cang - Que Vo ICD. Comrade Lieutenant Colonel Tran Van Cuong - Director of Tan Cang – Que Vo ICD gave viewers an overview of the advantages of inland waterway transport such as the ability to transport large quantities, low CO¬¬2 emissions, followed by the operation experience of Saigon Newport Corporation in the port operation and inland waterway transport management field, promising to bring customers a solution that is not only environmentally friendly but also the best quality of service. In addition, the future plan to develop Bac Ninh's natural river features, opportunities to increase regional economic value, and the import-export process model of Tan Cang - Que Vo ICD are also detailed to show viewers the strategic vision of Saigon Newport Corporation in the North.
Figure 3. SNP Deputy Director Bui Van Quy shared in the conference.

At the conference, Deputy Director of SNP – Mr. Bui Van Quy highly appreciated the initiative of Bac Ninh Customs Department in coordinating to organize the 2022 Enterprises Dialogue Conference 2022, demonstrating the commitment of state management agency for the business community.
“With the position in port operation, logistics services, sea services field, combined with a system of 18 large and small ports. Including Cat Lai Terminal, the Viet Nam largest port in Ho Chi Minh City, Tan Cang – Cai Mep Terminal (Ba Ria-Vung Tau); TC-HICT (Hai Phong), and SNP subsidiaries across the country… Developing Tan Cang – Que Vo ICD into a busy customs clearance and freight forwarding point requires dedication, proactivity, and cooperation from Bac Ninh Customs Department to create the most favorable conditions for businesses, reduce costs, and improve competitiveness," added Mr. Bui Van Quy.
Figure 4. Participants in the Q&A section

In the Q&A section at the end of the Conference, businesses are listened by the representative of the General Department of Customs sharing about Circulars and Decrees as well as witnessed the operation of booking freight directly from Tan Cang - Que Vo ICD on the SITC Shipping line's website.
Tan Cang - Que Vo ICD provides services including barge transport, road transport, port operation and customs agency. Tan Cang - Que Vo ICD has now linked code with international shipping lines including Maersk, Cosco, Wanhai, SITC, HMM, SM Line, Dongjin and many other shipping lines that are about to open the code, this ensures the diversity of selection for customers. In the future, Tan Cang - Que Vo ICD will be deployed to expand to meet the demand of rising import-export volume of customers in the region.
Together towards a sustainable economic development, Tan Cang - Que Vo ICD hopes to receive the support and cooperation of your Shipping Lines / Shipping Agents, Import-Export and Logistics Enterprises; We are committed to the best service quality with competitive cost as the motto of Saigon Newport: "Come to Saigon Newport, Come to the best service quality".

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