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Introduction of online application procedures and payments via E-port


In the afternoon 22/01/2016 at Cat Lai terminal, Saigon Newport Corporation held a meeting about "Online Application Procedures and Payment via e-port".

Attending the meeting there were the Project team members of SNP Corporation and over 100 representatives from more than 50 import and export business and forwarder enterprises operating at Cat Lai terminal.

Speaking at the meeting, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hung, Deputy Director of Business Planning department, Project leader summarized the process that SNP had made for the online payment utility as token card payment, payment through Mobivi of Military Bank (MB). Through the process of implementing the project, SNP has increasingly improved to create maximum convenience for the customers. Ms. Hung stressed: "From 01/01/2016, SNP performed separate lanes for the vehicle which has completed the procedures to Cat Lai terminal and initial results are very promising: The vehicles enter port faster, reduce waiting time. With the policy to continue to facilitate the business at Cat Lai terminal, SNP has worked with Smartlink and VNPT to introduce customers the implementation of online processing and payment via e-port".

SNP's representative is making speech 

Then, Mr. Pham Xuan Tung, Manager of IT Software Division explained more details on how to perform export procedures online and payment steps, and also visual demonstrated to the clients every step of the process of registration and payment made online for exported containers. Also, during the meeting, representative of VNPT mentioned how to issue electronic invoice network connected to the SNP program. Detailed instructions satisfy needs of attenders. The meeting has been held successfully. The participating enterprises have appreciated the continuous improvement and updating processes of SNP and ready to support the SNP in implying online processing and payments in the near future.

The implementation of procedures and online payment via e-port network is expected to significantly reduce travel time for employees of import-export enterprises, contributing to cash flow management for businesses by reducing cash flow, and reduce document delivery time for business. This will directly reduce waiting vehicles in the port area, to help clearing roads, reducing traffic jams in the area to the Cat Lai terminal. From 30/01/2016, SNP began to implement online application procedures for cargo and payment via e-port for Export cargo. At the same time, the project team is in the process of executing plans so the procedures of Import cargo could also do online from 03/2016. Currently, clients, who are using export procedures online, appreciate the conveniences that the program offers. It is also one of the highlights of enhancing service quality program of SNP in 2016.