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Saigon Newport Company holds The Celebration of the 2007's target achievement and Customers' Meeting


The Celebration of the 2007’s Target Achievement and the Customers’ Meeting of Saigon Newport Company was held in the conference room at Cat Lai terminal in the solemn and cheerful atmosphere on 28 November 2007.

The Celebration of the 2007’s Target Achievement and the Customers’ Meeting of Saigon Newport Company was held in the conference room at Cat Lai terminal in the solemn and cheerful atmosphere on 28 November 2007.
It was the great honur of SNP to receive Vice admiral Nguyen Van Tinh - Party chief, political commissar of Vietnam’s people Navy, Major General Pham Van Sang, vice director of Economic Department, Ministry of Defense and more than 350 delegates representing the governments of Ho Chi Minh city, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Baria Vung Tau provinces, of the local districts, the representatives from the shipping lines, shipping agents, forwarders, importers and exporters and the members of SNP’s Directors’ Board, the managers of the subsidiaries, enterprises and departments of SNP.
Delivering the speech at the ceremony, Mr Nguyen Dang Nghiem- General Director highlighted the achievements of SNP in the year 2007. He especially stressed the impressive volume increase at 28 %. Up to 25 November, 2007, the throughput at Cat Lai terminal reached 1.7 million TEUs – an equivalence of 24 million tons of cargo. With such results, SNP has achieved the set target 35 days ahead of time. It is expected that to the end of 2007, the volume passing Cat Lai terminal will be more than 1.8 million TEUS and the company plans to reach 2 million TEU in the year of 2008. On this occasion, on behalf of SNP, Mr Nghiem acknowledged the attention and management of the leaders of the ministry of Defense and the Navy Headquarters. He expressed sincere thanks to the local governments and state relating bodies, his special gratitude came to the customers for their valuable support and co-operation.
The representatives of the Navy headquarters the Saigon customs office – zone 1 as well as representatives from the shipping lines, shipping agents, the forwarding companies and importers, exporters has also expressed the high appreciation of the SNP’s achievements in their speeches. They expressed the onfidence that SNP would have brighter development in the coming time. Especially, Mr. Coenraad Roelof Meijer – General operation manager of MAERSK VIETNAM LTD - representing for the shipping lines with the highest volume at cat Lai, has affirmed “Today, CatLai terminal is a state of the art terminal with the highest berth productivity in Vietnam, sometimes reaching 70 mvs/hr. In 2007 Catlai Terminal is the world’s 38th largest container terminal, ahead of Santos in Brazil (South America’s largest port) and just behind the Spanish port of Valencia. This is a great accomplishment for an organization which was established only 18 years ago.
The future of SNP is even brighter than the past-with an estimated growth for 2008 of 25%, Catlai terminal will reach the same size as Algeciras in 2007. Algeciras is the Mediterranean premier container facility and is comparable in size to for example Panama . Next year Catlai terminal will be able to compare itself with these world class facilities …” and he stressed “In 2008 Saigon Newport will open up a new facility in the CaiMep area. This will provide a unique opportunity in the marketplace; a single service provider will be able to offer two dedicated facilities serving the same shipper base; 1 dedicated terminal for feeder or Intra Asia traffic (Catlai terminal) and one dedicated facility for mother vessel calls (Caimep terminal). With other facilities becoming operational in 2009 onwards, Saigon Newport has the opportunity to compete with the world’s biggest terminal operators and prove that it is a fierce and strong competitor”
Saigon Newport has been making the best effort to continue the improvement and moderniation of the equipment, deploy the Terminal and ICD IT operation system which can meet the international standard with the aim to meet best the customers’ demands. The SNP’s motto is “ Come to SNP, come to the best service quality!” as Mr Nghiem has emphasized at the customer’ meeting.