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Saigon Newport corporation: determination in the prevention and combat of virus Corona


In the face of complicated movements of acute respiratory infections caused by new strains of Corona virus (nCoV), Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP) has implemented drastic measures to prevent and control the epidemics..

Due to the especial characteristics of the business, the number of people coming and going daily is very large. Particularly, Tan Cang Cat Lai Port of SNP welcomes about 20,000 visitors every day to do logictics procedures and deliver import/export goods, including many foreigners and foreign shipping lines.

SNP has established The Committee of Direction and fully implemented all the official dispatch,  Introduction, document, direction relatedthe Direction and Information on the Epidemic’s situation. 100% of SNP’s facilities, subsidiaries has set up respond team, formed action plan, implemented measures to prevent and control nCoVs under the direction of functional agencies. SNP’s Medical Center has set up quarantine area and ready to admit patients who need to be to be quarantined in case of suspected nCoV infection; closely coordinate with the Party committees, authorities and local authorities in monitoring and ready to handle the situation if an epidemic outbreaks in the area.

SNP has strengthened information dissemination on the media such as posting on E-office, television, Led screen, email, zalo (updated daily); poster in crowded areas more than 900; distributing more than 10 thousand leaflets, manuals to prevent epidemics to the hands of workers and customers; paste instructions on how to wear masks and how to properly wash hands each type with more than 10,000 sheets in crowded places, entrance and exit of Office building; conducting isolation, screening, monitoring, health care, timely classification and referral to the higher level of treatment for cases with fever, cough of unknown causes. Maintain fully and seriously environmental sanitation, hygiene, food safety and epidemic prevention measures.

In concentrated living areas, agencies and units all provided sinks, hand-washing faucets (500 bottles) with soap or antiseptic solution (100 bottles), distributing more than 20,000 medical masks for officials and employees of SNP and customers coming in. Implementing personal hygiene and prevention measures such as restricting or avoiding crowded people, using medical masks and measures to prevent and control infections properly; conducting a full review and supplementation of equipment, facilities, chemicals and medical supplies; fully and promptly implement the daily and weekly reporting as prescribed ...

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