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Solutions to strengthen regional links, develop East-West logistics corridors


Solutions to strengthen regional links, develop East-West logistics corridors

On the morning of November 4th, Saigon Newport (SNP) held a seminar on the topic "Strengthening regional links, developing East-West logistics corridors" in Vientiane, Laos, with the participation of representatives of agencies from Laos and Vietnam, associations and logistics experts, attracting the attention and participation of many import-export and logistics enterprises from Laos, Vietnam and the Northeast region of Thailand.

Delegates attending the conference

Potential for logistics development in Laos

Mr. Bui Van Quy - Vice President of Saigon Newport Corporation - gave the opening speech of the seminar

With the arrival of the high-speed railway connecting Vientiane - Van Nam from the end of 2021, and a series of container terminals being built and put into operation, Laos has great potential to develop into a trade center connecting Vietnam, Thailand and China in the near future. For Vietnam, Laos always ranks first among 78 countries and territories that Vietnam invests abroad, with 209 projects, with a total registered capital of 5.1 billion USD. In the Laos market, Vietnam corporates have the opportunity to increase exporting products such as iron and steel, means of transport and spare parts, machinery, equipment, fertilizers, and animal feed. Besides, there are many Chinese-invested projects in Laos that are convenient to connect with Vietnam, especially through Ha Tinh province, such as China's East Steel project in Cammon province, Sun Paper’s project in Savannakhet, or Donlinks International Investment Kali fertilizer factory project in Khammouane province.

Potential for logistics development in Ha Tinh

With a "golden" position on the corridor of international maritime routes directly connecting to Laos, Ha Tinh is the import and export gateway of the North Central and North-eastern regions of Thailand, a logistics center and a promising investment destination in the central region. In recent years, Ha Tinh has also focused on investing in developing continuous and smooth road transport infrastructure, from road, air to sea. Especially, the Bai Vot - Vung Ang highway and the railway connecting Vientiane - Vung Ang are also actively deployed by the Governments of Vietnam and Laos to help promote transit cargo from Laos. In addition, in order to receive cargo from Vung Ang and Cua Lo seaports to Laos and Thailand, Ha Tinh is also promoting investment in building an Inland Container Depot at Cau Treo international border gate area, with the area about 5 - 10 hectares, throughput capacity reaching 13,500 - 27,000 TEU/year.

The role of Saigon Newport in strengthening regional links, developing East-West logistics corridor

Ms. Pham Thi My Le - Marketing Director of Saigon Newport Corporation emphasized the role of SNP in strengthening regional linkages and developing East-West logistics corridors.

With a long-term vision and pioneering mission, SNP has been building strategic solutions to comprehensively develop Vietnam - Laos logistics services through Vung Ang economic zone in Ha Tinh. The seminar "Strengthening regional linkages, developing East-West logistics corridors" illustrates a comprehensive picture of the potential of the Vietnam - Laos logistics market, which helps SNP develop, expand the network, seek opportunities to cooperate with promising partners, develop domestic and international connectivity solutions.

Currently, SNP has pioneered the domestic shipping route Hai Phong - Vung Ang - Ho Chi Minh City, maintaining stable 2-4 calls per month. The capacity of each vessel is 700 Teu. SNP also works with the General Department of Customs to ensure that transit cargo of Laos, inland waterway, can transport Northeast Thailand market from unloading ports in other areas, such as Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh City, Cai Mep, Da Nang to Vung Ang port, and then transported by road to the border gate to export. In addition, SNP continues to promote the development of roads on the East-West Economic Corridor and the “Attapeu - Bo Y - Ho Chi Minh City” corridor.

At the seminar, Deputy Director of the Lao Trade Promotion Department, Mr. Somvixay Vongthirath, emphasized that logistics services are one of the important areas in promoting trade, import-export and services in Laos. Although Laos does not have a shipping route, Laos still receives a lot of help from Vietnam in connecting with Vietnam's shipping. In the coming time, in addition to the special trade cooperation relationship between Laos and Vietnam, which has a long tradition, from high-ranking state leaders to ministries and branches at all levels, Laos will continue to strengthen trade relations, promote and develop border trade and trade services connected with transit logistics with Vietnam.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Bui Van Quy, Deputy General President of SNP, hopes that through the seminar, Lao logistics enterprises will realize the potential of the regional market, not only in the domestic market, but also in reaching out to neighboring countries, to increasingly affirm Laos' position in the ASEAN community's development.

The representative of the association LITFA (Laos International Transport and Forwarding Association) also shared the practical difficulties of logistics enterprises in Laos and affirmed that strategy cooperation links will be developed with enterprises and logistics associations of countries in the region, especially Vietnam. With the investment and development of Can Thanaleng port in Vientiane, the railway connection between Laos - Kunming (China) and Laos - Thailand, along with the railway project connecting Vung Ang - Ha Tinh economic zone, will optimize logistics costs for enterprises in the region. Goods in the region are connected to the North - Central - South seaport system of SNP, creating an East-West logistics corridor to develop regional and international goods.

n the discussion part of the seminar, Vietnamese and Lao enterprises also raised outstanding issues to help agencies, departments and sectors of the two countries identify problems and challenges to gradually find solutions to remove and create advantageous conditions for import and export of goods throughout the region.

12 Memorandum of Understanding of cooperation between Vietnam - Laos - Northeast Thailand businesses and associations were signed right after the conference

Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony between SNP and Laos International Logistics Association, Vietnam Business Association in Laos
At the end of the workshop, SNP signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate with the Laos International Logistics Association and the Vietnam Business Association in Laos to connect to the call for investment, infrastructure investment and project implementation in terms of road, railway, waterway... between Laos and Vietnam, and more broadly, neighboring countries such as Thailand, China, Cambodia, forming a seamless and convenient transportation network. Besides, 11 other cooperation MOUs were also signed between enterprises and associations in Vietnam, Laos and Northeast Thailand, such as Lao National Young Business Association, Global Tech Co., Ltd....

Through the seminar, as a leading port and logistics operator in Vietnam, SNP is well aware of its role, responsibility, and great opportunity in developing logistics connection activities between the two countries Laos - Vietnam and the Northeast region of Thailand through the East - West logistics corridors.