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Tan Cang Hiep Phuoc Terminal welcome VIMC's Vinalines Pioneer Vessel


On the morning of November 25, 2020, at Tan Cang Hiep Phuoc terminal (TCHP) in Nha Be district, Saigon Newport Corporation held a solemn ceremony to welcome the vessel VINALINES PIONEER. This vessel is on the NSS2 service line, which VIMC is operating with Tan Cang Shipping (TCS). Route NSS2 is a domestic service route with a sea voyage at ports from the South to the North, including: Vung Tau (TCIT port) - HCM (TCHP) - Quang Nam (Chu Lai port) - Da Nang (Tien Sa port) - Nghe An (Cua Lo port) - Hai Phong (TC128 / Tan Vu port)..

SNP, VIMC and TCHP's representatives

Vinalines Pioneer vessel handling production

After the ceremony welcoming vessel, TCHP quickly operates the cargo handling process according to the plan.  There are 93 imported containers and 234 export containers have been handling safely, conveniently and exceeded the expected schedule.  At 21:30 on the same day, the vessel left TCHP on scheduled.

VINALINES PIONEER with a capacity of 588 TEU;  LOA 120.84m is the first vessel having domestic line calling toTCHP terminal.  While the national economy in general and the domestic maritime industry in particular are still experiencing more or less difficulties due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the event that VIMC shipping company opened route in TCHP showed the trust and support from shipping lines as well as customers along with the strategy implementations on the economy map of TCHP in the southern region of Ho Chi Minh City.  Thus, it is impossible not to mention the achievements and efforts which gained from the coordination among TCS, Marketing Dept and TCHP by promoting, attracting and introducing TCHP's image and capacity to the shipping lines and customers.

2020 is the year marking the 10-year anniversary of construction and maturity of TCHP terminal.  Located in the area between the southern key economic region and the Mekong Delta, connected to the national road and industrial zones, the TCHP terminal is identified as the "extended berth" of Tan Cang Cat Lai and is the rear for the cluster Cai Mep Ports which belongs to SNP.


Determined that the port operation is the core service, TCHP terminal has the infrastructure of 420m of berth length, 5 barge terminals with DWT of 2,000 tons, nearly 17 ha of container yards, and other handling equipments using modern advanced management and operating technology such as: TOPX, port management and operation system;  declaration and payment for services via electronic ports (Eport), delivery by electronic order (eDO), electronic invoices, mobile app,… synchronously with other port facilities under SNP system.

It can be said that the event of welcoming the first domestic vessel from a non-SNP shipping company will become a prominent mark in a turbulent 2020, thereby become the foundation  for SNP in general and TCHP specifically to continue to develop new routes in the near future.