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Tan Cang Pilot - National Defense Pilot


Tan Cang Pilot - National Defense Pilot

Based on the request of the Ministry of National Defense, the Navy needs a defense pilot force to guide modern military ships in the country; Foreign ships and naval vessels from other countries come to Vietnam for exchanges, foreign affairs, and coordination in performing tasks. On October 27, 2008, the Minister of National Defense issued a decision to establish a Tan Cang Pilot One Member Limited Liability Company belonging to Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP).

After 15 years of establishment, growth, and development, the Company's collective officers, employees, and workers constantly strive to overcome difficulties, complete assigned tasks, and create the tradition: "Regular, safe, united, effective".

Tan Cang Pilot Ship guides a container ship through the narrow channel - Photo: Quang Tien

Building high-quality human resources
A maritime pilot is a unique profession. To become an exceptional pilot, one must go through many hardships: one must be granted a Certificate of First-class maritime piloting expertise; Have at least 300 times of safely guiding ships as a first-class maritime pilot, or have 200 times of safely guiding ships for a minimum period of 36 months, be organized by a pilot organization at the test practice place, the regional maritime port authority. confirmation field; 50 safe ship navigation exercises for ships with a total capacity of over 20,000 GT or a maximum length of over 175 meters; or 30 times of safely guiding ships within a minimum period of 06 months as a Premier maritime pilot internship under the guidance of a maritime pilot with a Certificate of Premier Maritime Piloting Professional Competence, organized by an organization pilot at the test practice location, confirmed by the regional maritime port authority.

The Tan Cang Pilot Ship leads the French aircraft carrier to Cam Ranh International Port - Photo: Duc Thu

When first established, Tan Cang Pilot Company only had 3 pilots qualified to guide ships. Up to now, the Company has 72 pilots, of which 43 are exceptional (accounting for nearly 1/4 of the total number of exceptional pilots) in the whole country. The Company is the only unit among 12 maritime pilotage organizations in Vietnam operating in 02 large compulsory maritime pilotage regions of the country (regions 5 and 6), responsible for 07 navigation routes. Ships arrive and leave ports operated by Saigon Newport Corporation in the areas of Ho Chi Minh City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, and Cam Ranh - Khanh Hoa.
To have a strong pilot team like today, Lieutenant Colonel Tran Anh Dung, Premier Navigator, Director of the Company said, "The company has implemented many solutions, from promulgating policies to attract crews navigator team, to the work of fostering and training to the rank of navigator abroad, combined with self-training at the unit. The company organized 14 delegations with 94 pilots to train at the world's best pilot training centers in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands; in conjunction with STC-Vietnam Corporation to organize 5 training classes on cockpit human resource management and run simulation testing of turning ships in Ba Son and Cai Mep turning areas; Promote exchanges and learn ship maneuvering skills with pilot units and surface ship units in the Navy... The company is coordinating with STC-Vietnam and Tan Cang-STC companies. Building simulation software for shipping routes in Cat Lai, Cai Mep, and Hiep Phuoc areas and training programs to train both theory and practice in maneuvering large ships. At the same time, we regularly invite leading lecturers from Vietnam Maritime University and Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport, and exceptional navigators with teaching and sharing experience."
Building a worthy position in the national pilotage industry

Lieutenant Colonel Tran Anh Dung, Director leads the French aircraft carrier to Cam Ranh International Port

Over the past 15 years, Tan Cang Pilot Company has always successfully completed the tasks of military and national defense, production, and business. The company's pilot team has led more than 800 military ships of the Vietnam People's Navy and submarines, aircraft carriers, and combat ships of modern navies around the world to Vietnam to deliver. circulation, foreign affairs, and defense; Leading hundreds of ships to transport working delegations from the Party, State, Ministry of Defense, Navy, and localities to visit and inspect islands in the Truong Sa archipelago and the DK1 Platform; and delegations of officials from ministries, branches, and the Army conduct drills, inspections, and perform search and rescue tasks. Organizing safe pilotage for over 115,000 economic ships with many new generation container ships, super long and super heavy ships, lengths up to 369 meters, tonnage up to 160,000 tons, sailing on the fairway narrow, difficult navigation channel in complex hydro-meteorological conditions. Economic indicators maintain high growth over the years: Annual revenue increases on average over 20%, Profit before tax increases over 23%. Affirming its number one position in both market share and service quality, ranking first among 12 maritime pilot organizations in the country, trusted and supported by international and domestic shipping lines and customers and partners. Support, appreciate, and affirm the prestige of the brand "Tan Cang Pilot - National Defense Pilot", helping Saigon Newport Corporation to always successfully complete both defense and economic tasks at the same time, related to continues to hold the position of the number one port operator and logistics service provider in Vietnam, ranked 17th in the group of 20 container port clusters with the largest output in the world; TOP 5 reputable enterprises in Vietnam logistics services industry.
With its achievements, Tan Cang Pilot Company was awarded 1 second-class Labor Medal and 2 third-class Labor Medals by the President and received many awards and certificates of merit from ministries, branches, inside and outside the Army.
Developing in a sustainable direction

Company leaders awarded the Decision "Sponsoring fishermen" in Ben Tre province

In the context of fierce market competition; In order to develop and integrate, the Company has been drastically innovating and improving professionalism in command, management, corporate governance, formal construction, and corporate culture.
First of all, the Company focuses on administrative reform in a scientific direction, close to business practices; Actively exploiting resources, upgrading infrastructure, equipment, vehicles, and innovating technology in a modern direction.
Invest and implement many solutions to improve maritime safety, such as the application of electronic nautical charts installed on iPads and iPhones to support guiding ships at night in narrow channels; method of towing and docking submarines without bulldozing the hull; guiding ships in two glasses of water; Run ships on the simulator to receive large ships entering and leaving the port.
Promote the application of information technology in all fields; Focus on investing in software for customer management, finance, labor, and wages, and move towards equipping an ERP business management system to ensure confidentiality and safety. We proactively engage and improve relationships with state management agencies, the Vietnam Maritime Pilot Association, and other pilot units; Strengthen reputation and trust with shipping lines and shipping agents regarding service quality.
Colonel Nguyen Van Phuong, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Company said: The company's development goal in the coming time is to continue to train, create resources, and build a Pilot officers team with " Diligence, Responsibility, Gratitude" has good professional qualifications, strong political courage, and is always dedicated to his profession; Build the company into a united, highly unified block, maintaining the Tan Cang Pilot brand - National Defense Pilot. All officers, employees, and workers of Tan Cang Pilot Company vow to constantly strive and contribute together with the forces throughout the Corporation to build SNP Corporation into a "national economic group". Vietnam's leading office in the field of marine economics and logistics services; build a "Revolutionary, regular, elite, modern" Navy, firmly protecting the sovereignty of the Fatherland's seas and islands