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Saigon Newport accompanies Mekong Delta Enterprises to originate the flow of Vietnamese rice grains


Saigon Newport accompanies Mekong Delta Enterprises to originate the flow of Vietnamese rice grains

On the morning of June 22 in Can Tho City, the Saigon Newport (SNP) representative participated in the conference on the topic "Opening up the flow of Vietnamese rice grains." The meeting was attended by Vietnamese agencies, associations, and businesses that aim to provide solutions to remove bottlenecks in the rice supply chain and increase the value of Vietnamese rice grains.

The Mekong Delta is the biggest rice granary in the country, contributing more than 90% of Vietnam's rice exports. It affirms its position as the world's leading rice exporter and ensures national security and jobs for 65% of the region's rural population.
Representatives of businesses and associations discuss bottlenecks in the rice industry
For the Mekong Delta in particular and Vietnam, in general, to hold the leading position in exporting rice, improving the quality of rice grains, increasing price competitiveness, helps bring benefits to farmers, increases advantages for businesses, and enhances the position of Vietnam. The problem for the rice industry is to clear the "bottlenecks" such as rice varieties, food safety, cost of input production materials, technology and capital for production and export and logistics activities, etc.

At the conference representing enterprises, the association offered promising and valuable solutions for developing rice production and export, including Buhler Asia Vietnam from India. Solutions for post-harvest rice treatment and digital technology to help farmers improve harvest yield and rice quality; Eximbank's representative offers modern financial products and commits to investing in the production and logistics industry related to rice, etc. Besides, the detailed and scientific approach of Mr. Tran Ngoc Thach - the director of the Mekong Delta Rice Institute, helps customers, agencies, and viewers better understand the process and characteristics of rice production. Based on his remarks, they can make adjustments and improvements in production business strategies, bringing benefits to the rice industry.

Ms. Do Thu Huong - Deputy Marketing Director of SNP shared solutions to enhance logistics efficiency of rice export in the Mekong Delta

Contributing to the development of supply chains connecting domestic and international regions, Ms. Do Thu Huong - Deputy Marketing Director, has proposed solutions for SNP to increase logistics efficiency in rice export in the Mekong Delta, which can be cited as:

  • Facilitating the development of transport infrastructure: completing highways, solving waterways bottlenecks, and solving solutions for international feeder terminals in the Mekong Delta region.
  • Policy and design of investment in supply chains: Local governments have suitable mechanisms and policies to attract and create conditions for investors to develop logistics supply chains, etc
  • Logistics solutions of SNP: Taking rice customers as the center, providing various combined logistics services for rice (packing solutions, multimodal transport and package logistics), and comprehensive solutions to bring ports to the port.

The plan to develop expanded logistics services for rice export customers of SNP

In addition, Saigon Newport is developing and implementing a plan to establish an expanded logistics service for rice customers, such as: developing the Mekong Delta - Cai Mep service route; together with shipping lines to develop empty depot service; combined with customers to increase delivery of goods at landing stage in the Mekong Delta, etc. These solutions enhance the logistics efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises, helping Vietnam maintain its position as a leading country for rice export. Along with ensuring national food security and preserving the precious value of Vietnamese rice grains.
Accompanying enterprises in the Mekong Delta "Opening up the flow of Vietnamese rice grains" is an important task of government agencies, businesses and associations, working together to build and develop the rice industry in particular and the economy and society of the Mekong Delta in general. It is also coherent with the spirit of "The country for the region and the region for the country" under the direction of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, achieving the goals set out in Resolution No. 13-NQ/TW of the Politburo, and the Decision approving the master plan for the Mekong Delta region in the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050; and mastering the guiding spirit of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh at the Conference announcing investment planning and promotion in the Mekong Delta in the 2021-2030 period, with the theme "Mekong Delta: Thinking New – New Vision – New Opportunities – New Values”.