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Saigon Newport Corporation officially golive customer relationship management system


Saigon Newport Corporation officially golive customer relationship management system

On June 15th, at Tan Cang - Cat Lai Terminal, Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP) officially went live with its customer relationship management system (CRM). This marks a significant breakthrough, demonstrating continuous improvement and a commitment to constantly enhancing the quality of services provided by TCSG.

Mr. Bui Van Quy - Vice Executive President of SNP delivered the opening speech at the ceremony

Opening the ceremony, Mr. Bui Van Quy, Vice President of Saigon Newport Corporation, affirmed that the CRM software is an effective and advanced tool for customer management, creating and maintaining sustainable relationships with valued customers, shipping lines, forwarders, and partners. This is particularly important in the port operation and logistics services industry, as well as in the era of the technological revolution 4.0, where customers play a central role in every activity. With the CRM software going live, TCSG has established an integrated and multi-dimensional information system that enables customer management to be centralized, comprehensive, and responsive, meeting customer needs quickly and accurately. It also provides leaders with an overall view of customer demands and market trends and facilitates the development of effective marketing campaigns, serving as a basis for decision-making in business strategies
Ms. Do Thu Huong - Deputy Director of Marketing at SNP shared the effectiveness of the CRM system

With the support of CRM, SNP will continue to enhance its customer service capabilities by optimizing the process of capturing customer information, managing transaction history, and creating advertising and marketing strategies tailored to each specific customer... This helps SNP strengthen interaction and establish close and sustainable customer relationships while creating better experiences and increasing customer satisfaction.
In particular, Mr. Dinh Kien Quoc, Director of Gimasys Integrated International Management System Company and Representative of Salesforce - the software provider for SNP's CRM system, also shared that SNP's CRM software is developed based on the specific requirements and workflows of the port operation and logistics business, including prominent features such as:
- Efficient customer information management: Ensuring comprehensive, detailed, and personalized services to customers.
- Enhanced interaction and customer service: Ensuring the provision of optimal solutions to support customers quickly, timely, and effectively.
- Enhanced analysis and reporting: Optimizing costs, enhancing business efficiency, and improving customer experience.
Mr. Dinh Kien Quoc - Director of Gimasys Integrated International Management System Company delivered a speech at the ceremony

The golive event of the CRM software affirms the position of SNP as the leading port operator in Vietnam, elevating the brand in prioritizing customer experience and pioneering the application of technology in business. It adopts modern and advanced customer management models while actively contributing to developing Vietnam's port operation and logistics industry.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen - Project Manager gave a speech at the ceremony

With the commitment to continuously improve service quality and customer experience through the application and upgrade of information technology systems, SNP confidently continues to be a trusted and leading choice for valued customers, shipping lines, forwarders, and partners, accompanying them on the journey of sustainable development.