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Saigon Newport Corporation - Ready to accompany the local development of maritime economy


Saigon Newport Corporation - Ready to accompany the local development of maritime economy

On the morning of May 22, in Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Do Trong Hung, Chairman of Thanh Hoa Provincial People's Council, led the delegation to visit and work at Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP). Colonel Nguyen Nang Toan, Chairman of SNP, chaired the reception for the delegation.

After visiting production and business activities at Pier B7, Port Operation and Control Tower of Tan Cang - Cat Lai terminal, the delegation had a meeting with SNP.
The delegation visited the Control Tower

At the meeting, Saigon Newport Corporation suggested the leaders of Thanh Hoa province create favorable conditions and have preferential mechanisms for SNP to invest in seaport development projects and local logistics services.
On behalf of the delegation, Mr. Do Trong Hung expressed his deep gratitude to the leaders of SNP for organizing a respectful welcome for the delegation. The SNP field trip helped key executives learn more about business models and exchange experiences in managing, operating port projects, logistics services, shipping and maritime services. This is an Army's enterprise model that simultaneously implements the task of economic development associated with national defense and security.
The delegation visited container handling activities at Tan Cang - Cat Lai terminal

Vietnam is a country that has the advantage of maritime transport when it is close to international and regional maritime routes. This is a favorable condition for Vietnam to develop the maritime, shipbuilding and logistics industries. The formation of a network of seaports, along with coastal roads and railways, and connections to inland areas, enables rapid and convenient transport of imported goods to all parts of the country, as well as to countries in the region and the world. The coastline is long and meandering, with 114 estuaries, about 52 deep-water bays along the central coast (pools, bays and lagoons account for 60% of the coastline), with more than 100 locations where big seaports can be built. Vietnam's sea is located in an area with a high economic development and is a bridge between many economic and political powers in the world. With a convenient location for traffic and closed bays and bays with great depth, it is very convenient as a seaport; large space in the coast and on the coast is convenient for developing marine economic zones.
The scene of the meeting
In particular, Thanh Hoa pays particular attention to promoting its strengths in marine economic development, with the advantage of 102 km of coastline and Nghi Son deep-water port. In the coming time, Thanh Hoa province leaders are calling on enterprises in general, and Saigon Newport Corporation in particular, to study and coordinate with localities to implement projects to develop seaports and logistics services, contributing to local economic development.